Chapter 658 – Stealing the Treasure

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Chapter 658 – Stealing the Treasure

The other asura looked at each other and dropped down on one knee as well; it was like how they yielded to the Asura General earlier. But this time, they had not fought.

Li Qingshan leaned on his sword. “Why are you kneeling towards me?”

“Because you’re an even stronger asura!”

The Asura General said with his head raised. As an asura, he could clearly judge the strength of his opponent. If it were only a powerful cultivator, it would not be enough to make him yield. It would just be a battle to the death. Asura never feared slaughter and death.

However, he had only ever seen the violent murderousness that radiated from Li Qingshan on Asura Commanders or even Asura Kings. He already possessed such bearing even without undergoing the endless battles in the Asura realm, so he was basically a natural-born asura. As a result, the Asura General followed the rules of battle among asura and pledged his loyalty to him.

The tiger demon’s will to fight the entire world had already merged with Li Qingshan’s mind, running through his path of slaughter. However, this nature was much more powerful than regular asura, which was why he could subdue these proud asura.

This time, it could truly be described as a “shudder of the tiger’s body”, possessing endless might. Although he did not radiate with the domineering aura of a king, the effect was basically the same.

“Qingshan, what’s this about?”

The siblings rushed over, both astounded by this sight. It felt like nothing when they watched on from afar, but a hundred asura staring at you from so close was frightening. It was like a regular person facing a group of murderers. If it were not for Li Qingshan’s presence, these asura would have swarmed over already and ripped them to pieces.

Li Qingshan turned back to his original form and laid out his hands. “They admitted defeat just because they’re not my opponent.”

“They admitted defeat?” Hua Chenglu was in disbelief. You didn’t even fight, so haven’t they admitted defeat a little too easily? These asura don’t look like the type that will admit defeat obediently no matter how you look at them.

However, as long as he was present, no problems seemed to be a problem.

“Then the greatest danger has been dealt with.” Hua Chengzan eased up. After learning Li Qingshan was also called Northmoon, anything he managed to achieve did not surprise him anymore.

Han Tieyi gazed at Li Qingshan’s back and sank into his thoughts instead. He did not understand where his violent aura of slaughter came from. This man seems to be hiding many secrets. Does Qiongzhi know about this? However, he soon remembered that since he had no ill intentions towards the Han family, why did he have to get to the bottom with everything?

“Get up, all of you! How boring. I originally thought there would be a big battle. Will there be even stronger asura heading down here later?” Li Qingshan gazed at the blood-red sky with anticipation.

“This Asura Field has only just been created. Summoning us is already its limit,” the Asura General replied.

Li Qingshan nodded. Although the Asura Field had been successfully refined, converting it into a practical weapon for battle still required accumulation. It was no wonder that the blood-red swirl in the sky spun more slowly after a hundred asura had descended.

Then he asked the asura whether they could leave the Asura Field. The answer he received was that it was possible, but only for battle. Remaining outside for long periods of time would damage their nature. Once they betrayed their heart of slaughter, the Asura realm would abandon them.

Of course, this was only because he had just reached Asura General, and his heart of slaughter was not staunch enough. If he were like Li Qingshan, where his heart of slaughter would not erode away no matter where he resided, he would not be affected. It would also give him the right to attack the Heaven realm.

Li Qingshan nodded. As it seemed, the Asura Field was a summoning tool, able to summon asura from the Asura realm to fight for him. And, as the Asura Field grew stronger, the asura summoned would be stronger too.

However, there were many limits to its function. First of all, the strength of these asura had to be suppressed, or summoning an Asura King could wipe out the owner immediately. And, pure strength was not enough to make them yield. They had to be recognised as the same kind. Only battle-hungry and bloodthirsty people would work.

Hua Chenglu sighed. “I wonder when we can leave.”

“Just wait a little longer. The ten days will be over very soon.” It probably would not take that long.

Li Qingshan suddenly asked the Asura General again, “Hmm, I heard female asura are all beauties. Why are there all men here?”

Hua Chenglu immediately rolled her eyes at him. Li Qingshan smiled. “I’m just asking. No matter how beautiful asura are, they’re nowhere close to our younger sister Chenglu!”

Hua Chenglu reddened as smiles flowed out from her eyes, clearly enjoying it very much.

“Cough, cough!” Hua Chengzan cleared his throat gently and shot a glance at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan said, “It’s not like I’m flirting with you, so what’re you coughing for? Not to mention that even my brother-in-law hasn’t said anything!”

Hua Chengzan said with bitter hatred, “Even you yourself admit it’s flirting! I’ve really been careless with making friends, careless with making friends I say! Tieyi, you have to keep an eye on your brother-in-law for Qiongzhi’s sake!”

“I’m already fortunate enough that he’s not beating me up. You better keep an eye on your younger sister!” Han Tieyi said coldly.

Li Qingshan laughed aloud. “Look at you, you make me sound like a tyrant who oppresses everybody!”

“If you don’t have a vicious nature, how are you able to make these asura submit to you. Even if I defeat them, they’ll never submit to me.” Then Han Tieyi said to the Asura General, “We’ll fight again a little later!”

“I decline!” the Asura General said.


Han Tieyi furrowed his brows, only to see the Asura General look towards Li Qingshan again. Although he had chosen to submit to Li Qingshan, he was still extremely discontent with how Li Qingshan had chosen to interrupt his battle.

Li Qingshan gave him a kick. “He wants you to fight, so fight! There’s no need for all this nonsense. I definitely won’t be interfering this time. Who cares if you kill each other. You both deserve it if that happens!”

Eating the kick, the Asura General staggered a few steps back and folded his hands. “Yes, sir!”

“C’mon, let’s watch on from the side!”

Li Qingshan placed his hands on the shoulders of the siblings and pulled them into the distance.

“Oppressment!” Hua Chenglu grumbled. Taking advantage of her privately was already enough, yet he still touched her in front of so many people. What an oppressive, despicable man!

All Hua Chengzan could do was smile bitterly too. Even Hua Chenglu was not resisting such close contact right now. If she claimed she did not have any feelings for him, he would never believe it even if he were beaten to death. His own sister wanted to throw herself into someone else’s arms, so what could he say as her elder brother? However, he understood Hua Chenglu’s feelings a little.

This time, if Li Qingshan were not present, then let alone Hua Chenglu, everyone else who entered the Dragon Arena would have ended up dead. Even if they managed to survive against Si Qing’s lackeys, they would die to these asura. Si Qing had probably never planned on giving them the astronomical reward right from the beginning.

Even now, the chance to escape this place was all up to Li Qingshan. Seeing how relaxed he was, Hua Chengzan stopped worrying. He would let him oppress him this time.


In the centre of the Dragon Arena, the two powers transformed into an imposing black dragon and a crow that was pitch-black like ink respectively. Their clash became even more intense.

Seeing the appearance of asura, Si Qing wanted to gain control over the Asura Field even more. Although these low-level asura were not of particularly great assistance to him, this was only the beginning. As long as there was sufficient time, he could assemble an army of asura.

Compared to these asura, losing those subordinates was nothing. They came nowhere close in both battle prowess and loyalty. As for that Li Qingshan, he could kill him at whim.

Thinking up to this point, he bellowed out, “Sea-like Dragon’s Might!”

The black dragon erupted with light, suppressing the crow bit by bit. Mo Yu obviously refused to let up, resisting desperately as he cawed out.

The ruined Soaring Dragon terrace was silent. Droplets of sweat rolled down Si Qing’s face.

The Golden Core cultivators exchanged glances. If they launched a sneak attack now, Si Qing would not be able to block it no matter how powerful he was. In order to save their disciples, they completely stopped worrying. Si Qing can be heartless, so we’ll be unrighteous.

Jia Zhen and E Dan worked together to separate these Golden Core cultivators from him, preventing the Golden Core cultivators from striking rashly. For a moment, they entered a stalemate as well. No one dared to act recklessly.

Si Bao said, “Big sis, when are they going to fight until?”

“Soon.” Gu Yanying smiled. Her gaze as sharp as a hawk’s gazed at the Soaring Dragon terrace below her feet.

The moment she finished talking, there was a great rumble, and a scarlet figure leapt out from the Soaring Dragon terrace, picking up the Dragon Arena and taking off. He was the daemon Northmoon, who had turned around and returned.

“Oh no!” Jia Zhen and E Dan suddenly raised their heads, their faces changing drastically.

Northmoon unfurled a pair of wings of wind and fire and shot off into the air with a trail of firelight.

At the same time, in the centre of the Asura Field, the black dragon had triumphed over its opponent, but it was also completely exhausted. Suddenly, a spirit turtle descended from above, giving off a great, overpowering will and suppressing the black dragon and crow at the same time.

“Who is it!?” Si Qing and Mo Yu were both overcome with surprise and rage.

“My two good grandsonnies, have you even forgotten the voice of your grandfather Northmoon?”

The spirit turtle suddenly spoke in human tongue; its voice was filled with complacence and mockery. In the blink of an eye, he had stolen control over the Asura realm, purging and ejecting Si Qing and Mo Yu’s powers.

Si Qing abruptly opened his eyes, only to see Jia Zhen and E Dan doing everything that they could to catch up to Northmoon. With a furious roar, he turned into a black dragon and chased after him.

In the Asura Field, Han Tieyi was about to challenge the Asura General again when the landscape around him changed, discovering that he was now mid-air. Down below was the commandery city of Ruyi. He had already left the Asura Field somehow.

Afterwards, he saw Hua Chengzan, Liu Zhangqing, and so on. They had all come out too. Li Qingshan was obviously among them. Everyone was stunned. Before they could even return to their senses, a black dragon whistled past them.

At the same time, a black figure had been ejected from the Asura Field too. It was Mo Yu. He let out a strange, furious, and shrill cry, turning into a clump of twisted darkness before vanishing on the spot. When he reappeared, he was already behind Northmoon. Black feathers fell down and enveloped him.

As Foundation Establishment cultivators, Liu Zhangqing and the others could not fall to their deaths at the very least. They each carried a few Qi Practitioners and descended from above. Before they had even touched the ground, the Golden Core cultivators surrounded them, asking about the situation regarding their disciples.

Before Hua Chengzan and the others could speak, a Foundation Establishment cultivator from a sect languished tearfully. “Sect maser, I’ve been useless. T- they’ve all died…”

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