Chapter 660 – Displaced Anger

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Chapter 660 – Displaced Anger

“Fellow Peng!” “Fellow Peng!”

The Golden Core cultivators cried out. They were all Golden Core cultivators of the Ruyi commandery, so they had all become acquainted with one another at least a century ago. Even if they were not particularly close with one another, they could not help but feel sympathy for the loss of one of their own when they saw the fate he faced.

“Si Qing, you’re out of your mind!” “To think that the mighty imperial clan would actually raise someone with the heart of a jackal like you!”

Among the cries and curses, the attacks became even more violent.

Si Qing was heavily injured and in a rage. The powers from the two sides clashed violently, illuminating the night sky in the distance. Fierce winds swept over from the distance, ruffling everyone’s clothes on the Soaring Clouds terrace.

A while later, three rings of light erupted on the horizon one after another. A series of booms followed. That was the final swansong of the Golden Core cultivators’ several years of cultivation.

After losing four people, the Golden Core cultivators finally scattered and left, but all with deep hatred.

Si Qing turned back into human form. His clothes were tattered, and his hair was dishevelled. Many parts of his body were injured, which made him seem like he was in an especially sorry shape. He felt no joy from defeating his opponents at all. Instead, he felt rather lost. With how everything had ended up, what was he supposed to do next?

“Your highness, return to the estate first. We can discuss what we do next slowly!”

Si Qing opened his eyes. His face was filled with ruthlessness, which then subsided. “You’re right, sir!”

“This isn’t over yet. Prepare yourself for some ‘displaced anger’!”

Gu Yanying gazed into the horizon, seeing the three of them fly over. She smiled towards Li Qingshan.

Si Bao said, “Kid, you better stay away from trouble for now. He’s already become completely unhinged. If he really decides to act crazily, even we might not necessarily be able to keep you safe!” Although this kid is arrogant, defiant, and rude, he’s still a member of the Hawkwolf Guard after all. Big sis is part of the reason why he fell out with Si Qing so much.

Gu Yanying smiled. “I’ve already contacted boss Jin. You’ll be fine as long as you avoid this storm.”

“Why should I run and hide? He was the one who set the rules. It’s not like I did anything, so why can he just ‘displace his anger’ on me? Moreover, he still owes me. Since when are creditors supposed to be afraid of seeing their debtors?” Li Qingshan stood with his arms behind his back, fiddling around with a string of prayer beads in his right hand. The largest prayer bead had already been crushed.

I don’t know who your “boss Jin” is, but I have a boss too!

Gu Yanying raised an eyebrow and glanced at him. She shook her head with a smile and no longer said anything. She was very curious about his trump card. “Little Hua, you can head down for now!”

“Yes, commander!” Hua Chengzan bowed before shooting another glance at Li Qingshan, telling him to be careful. He flew off the Soaring Clouds terrace.

Si Bao shot a glance at Li Qingshan. “Kid, if you die, you better not say we didn’t warn you. Leaving right now is already too late!”

Si Qing, Jia Zhen, and E Dan had already returned. Si Qing noticed Li Qingshan standing beside Gu Yanying at first glance, and his eyes almost lit up with flames. This bastard had provoked him time and time again, killing his subordinates, destroying his plans, and he was even connected to that Northmoon.

Northmoon had stolen the Asura Field and taken off. Overcome by both new and old hatred, he decided to vent it all on Li Qingshan.

“Li Qingshan, why are you not kneeling?!” a fierce bellow erupted like thunder.

Below the Soaring Clouds terrace, Liu Zhangqing and the others still had not left yet. They all looked up in worry. Han Qiongzhi suddenly looked up, immediately leaping onto the Soaring Clouds terrace, but before she had even approached the place, she already felt Si Qing’s mountainous aura, flooding over like a black wave. She gritted her teeth and worked against the flow, arriving beside Li Qingshan.

“Qiongzhi!” Li Qingshan was very touched inside.

Han Qiongzhi smiled at him. Although she had no idea what he had done, she was willing to endure this prince Si Qing’s thunderous wrath with him.

Looking at Li Qingshan, Si Qing could tell he was not taking him seriously at all, which made him even more furious. With a wave of his hand, Li Qingshan vaguely heard a dragon’s roar, and a black dragon claw reached towards Li Qingshan’s throat.

Li Qingshan pulled Han Qiongzhi behind him and thought, Why is this monk so slow? Didn’t he say he would rush over as soon as possible?

A delicate, jade folding fan extended over from the side, tapping the claw gently, and the claw immediately pulled back. Si Qing said furiously, “Gu Yanying, are you still going to protect him even now?”

Gu Yanying said, “He’s still a Scarlet Hawk commander of the Hawkwolf Guard no matter what you say, and I’m still a White Hawk commander of the Hawkwolf Guard no matter what you say. I can’t just watch as he’s killed without reason, right? What benefit will that bring you?”

“Kill without reason? He’s a demon in disguise! It makes perfect sense for me to kill him!” Si Qing said with his jackal-like voice, filled with viciousness.

Si Qing ground his teeth like he wanted to swallow Li Qingshan whole. If the treatment that otherfolk received among human cultivators was repulsion, where they could be captured at any time to serve as slaves, then the treatment of demonfolk would be much worse than otherfolk. Once they were discovered, all cultivators would try to kill them. Not only would these cultivators be innocent of any crimes, but they would even have rendered a great service to humanity instead, performing the heroic feat of purging demons and protecting the path of cultivation.

Before the nine provinces had settled down and before Great Xia had been established, the Demon race from other worlds constantly tried to invade the place. Because of their chaotic and evil nature, they wreaked even greater havoc than the Daemon race. They could be described as enemies of the world, where everyone wanted them dead. Ever since Li Qingshan displayed his demonified form in the Asura Field, he was already a dead man in Si Qing’s eyes.

Even if he was a Scarlet Hawk commander, he could be directly executed without a second thought.

“Erm, demon?” Gu Yanying was taken aback and glanced back at Li Qingshan. Just how many more secrets was this guy hiding on him?

Han Qiongzhi was surprised too. She had heard from Han Tieyi about how Li Qingshan had transformed. Was this perhaps the secret he had been hiding the entire time? However, it made no sense when she thought about it. It was rumored that demons were lustful and bloodthirsty, committing outrage freely, taking honour in evil and taking shame in kindness.

Li Qingshan laid out his hands and said, “Your highness Si Qing, you better not spout nonsense. Who’s the demon? Where’s the evidence?”

“Only demons can demonify and wield demonic artifacts. So many people saw you already, yet you still want to deny the truth? As for evidence, it’s right inside you. Every demon has a demon heart. You better watch as I kill you and dig out your demon heart!”

Si Qing said as he approached Li Qingshan, surging with murderousness. There was a white flash, and Gu Yanying blocked him again.

“You want to protect a demon?” Si Qing said, even regarding Gu Yanying as his enemy now.

Gu Yanying sighed. “Even if he’s a demon, he should be personally dealt with by my Hawkwolf Guard. I’ve already reported this to my superior. He’ll be coming to investigate very soon. If he is a demon, I obviously won’t spare him!”

Although humans and daemons constantly clashed, their relationship was not entirely hostile. That was why she could maneuver between the two with her identity as a half-human, half-daemon. However, demons were different.

Si Qing became a lot calmer. In the entire Green province, there was only a single person that Gu Yanying could refer to as her “superior”. Li Qingshan’s death was certain, but he had also made such a great plunder, so he probably could not escape punishment.

“Alright, I’ll wait for that sir to arrive then!”

As soon as he finished talking, a golden streak of light shot over and descended from above.

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