Chapter 74 – Killing Void Butcherer

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Chapter 74 – Killing Void Butcherer

Void Butcherer was complacent from succeeding with his scheme, but his expression soon changed. Li Qingshan knelt in the rubble on one knee, gripping the buddhist staff firmly with his left hand. No matter how hard Void Butcherer pulled, the staff refused to budge.

It seemed like the staff had blown Li Qingshan away, but he had actually extended his hand and grabbed the weapon at a critical juncture before slamming into the wall with the staff. Even if regular second-rate masters could react in such a manner, they would still suffer injuries. However, Li Qingshan was virtually unscathed thanks to the toughness of his body.

Although he lacked battle experience, he was a true battle genius. His reaction and tactics in battle were all the best of the best.

“You’re looking to die!” Void Butcherer sniggered extremely viciously.

Li Qingshan felt a powerful inner force emerge from the staff, rushing into his body wildly.

A battle of inner force was the most dangerous trial of strength people of the jianghu could go through. The person who could not last any longer and drew back their inner force first would have inner force assault the interior of their bodies, bursting their danitan and ruining their veins and meridians. It would only end in death.

Void Butcherer was confident that the inner force he had cultivated through several decades of strenuous effort was not something Li Qingshan could oppose. In his eyes, Li Qingshan was just a conceited idiot. Li Qingshan had already surprised him quite a bit by not spurting blood and dying in the first moment, so he increased his input of inner force.

In terms of strength, Void Butcherer’s inner force did indeed exceed Li Qingshan’s. Li Qingshan felt a stream enter his body. This stream was much more impure than true qi, so Li Qingshan knew it was inner force. However, within the impurity was a sliver of clarity. Void Butcherer had almost reached the innate realm. He was only a step away from converting his inner force into true qi.

However, the issue was that Li Qingshan’s true qi was not stored within his dantian. He had not even focused on any of his veins or meridians before. As a result, this true qi devoured the inner force very quickly, turning into his own energy. Not only was there no harm, but it even benefited him instead. Li Qingshan did not plan on counter attacking immediately. He allowed Void Butcherer to channel his true qi into him.

Cold sweat seeped out of Void Butcherer’s forehead. Why is this kid so strange? Is this the effect of the spiritual ginseng? He became even more afraid of letting go now.

At this moment, a black shadow lunged over from the eaves of the wall, directly reaching for the gourd on Li Qingshan’s waist. Someone had grasped the timing and wanted to go all in and take advantage of the situation.

There was a flash, and the black shadow fell straight down, landing on the ground as two pieces. Xiao An had appeared and casually killed the thief before stabbing through the air.

Void Butcherer suddenly saw the extremely strange skeleton, and he became alarmed. The circulation of his inner force slowed down slightly. The strike that was on par with a full strength blow of a first-rate master had frightened him out of his wits.

Sensing how Void Butcherer had withdrawn his inner force and wanted to abandon his staff to dodge, Li Qingshan would never let such a great opportunity simply slip by. All of his inner force went from being a dam to a wave, surging up and through Void Butcherer’s body.

The true qi was not powerful, but it was extremely sharp. It sliced through the inner force Void Butcherer put up to defend like a knife through jelly, rampaging through his meridians, dantian, and organs.

Blood spurted from Void Butcherer’s mouth wildly as he was knocked backwards. He smashed through two walls and became buried in the rubble.

Li Qingshan stood up, but his gaze remained fixed on the rubble. He ordered, “Xiao An, silence them!”

Xiao An immediately entered the shadows, and three cries rang out from three directions in just three seconds. Aside from the fellow from earlier, there were others around who wanted to take advantage of the situation. They saw Xiao An’s appearance.


The rubble flew everywhere as Void Butcherer stood up once more. He tottered about as he looked at Li Qingshan viciously. He fished out a porcelain bottle from his bosom.

Great, just what I need! Li Qingshan could clearly see the resplendent glow from the bottle after Void Butcherer removed the stopper. Since a second-rate master like Xiong Xiangwu could produce a Strength Talisman of the Guardian Kings, then first-rate masters with even stronger martial arts who had travelled far and wide would also have a trump card or two that was not related to martial arts.

Void Butcherer removed a fire-red pill and crushed it in his mouth. Immediately, his body swelled up like he had been pumped full of air. His arms became twice as thick, riddled with bulging veins and muscles.

The Body Eruption pill!

In order to receive this bottle of pills, Void Butcherer had paid his entire fortune and robbed thirteen wealthy clans on top of that, killing more than a hundred people in exchange for just three pills. These pills could be used for neither training nor healing. Ingesting it would only bring about detriments. However, it could instantaneously unleash the potential of the human body, allowing one to possess almost supernatural strength.

Void Butcherer roared out and charged towards Li Qingshan like a war chariot.

Li Qingshan exhaled. He did not choose to take him on, instead reaching towards the Cursive Sword Calligraphy.

There was a diagonal stroke of sword qi.

Li Qingshan emerged from the tiny alleyway that had been reduced to ruins, brushing off the dust and dirt on him. “It’s just a pity that I can neither leave you with a full corpse nor expiate your dead soul, nor do I have the time to burn joss paper for you.” Behind him, the alleyway had already been reduced to crumbling walls. A vicious man for his entire life, the Mad Monk Void Butcherer’s corpse lay in twain, eyes open and unable to find peace even with death.

He told Xiao An to silence everyone not only to hide Xiao An, but also to hide the spiritual artifact he possessed. He had a feeling that if an observant person spotted the calligraphy, it would probably lead to an even greater storm than the spiritual ginseng.

Li Qingshan carried the buddhist staff in one hand. Although the black ox had said that spiritual artifacts that were just glowing weapons were all mediocre spiritual artifacts not worthy of a grade, it was still a spiritual artifact after all. He was reluctant to just throw it aside. In his other hand was a porcelain bottle that contained a single pill. It was the pill that Void Butcherer had ingested.

Turns out that is all there is to first-rate masters! But I shouldn’t be an innate master yet, either!” Li Qingshan thought curiously. He was confident that he could defeat Void Butcherer with his martial arts alone, without relying on foreign objects. However, if they wanted to play around with trump cards, his trump card would not be weaker than anyone else’s either.

Li Qingshan carried the buddhist staff as he continued on his way to the restaurant. The people of the jianghu who had been keeping an eye out in the dark for this battle were currently in silent shock. The battle between the Mad Monk and the Black Tiger was a battle between a renowned peak first-rate master and a junior who was still wet behind the years. No one would have thought that the Black Tiger would win, and that he would win so easily.

Liu Hong hurried back to the Iron Fist school and reported to hall chief Wu and sir Feng.

“The Mad Monk Void Butcherer! He has also come for the spiritual ginseng in an attempt to break through to the innate realm. The kid is probably done for. He is probably dead already.” Hall chief Wu frowned. Even if he were matched up against the Mad Monk Void Butcherer, he would struggle to attain victory. Obviously, he was not worried about Li Qingshan’s fate, but the spiritual ginseng. “Sir Feng, what do you think?”

Sir Feng said, “Let’s go and take a look. I’ll handle the monk. He made it onto the list of the Hawkwolf Guard a long time ago. It’s just that the higher-ups have never been able to spare a hand to deal with him. Since we’ve run into him today, it’ll be his death day.”

As soon as the three of them left the Iron Fist school, they received the news that the Mad Monk was dead.

Their expressions differed in their own ways. Liu Hong was the most shocked. In the eyes of a second-rate master like him, the Mad Monk was an indomitable existence, yet he had died in such a short amount of time.

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