Chapter 76 – The Might of the Hawkwolf Guard

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Chapter 76 – The Might of the Hawkwolf Guard

“A Hawkwolf guard!” Lü Tingrui cried out. Chu Xin finally stopped smiling, while Wei Dandong’s face became sheet-white. Wan Hao’s straightened back seemed to shirk back slightly.

Only then did Li Qingshan notice sir Feng’s attire. As expected, it was much more majestic than the fakes that he was wearing. The part that stood out the most was indeed the iron wolf tablet that hung on his waist. It was just like the wolf on his clothes. The tablet was not large, but it shone brightly. It was ten times more dazzling than the staff stabbed into the ground.

Liu Hong and hall chief Wu followed behind. Looking at the restaurant full of people, they all felt surprised. In just half a month, so many masters had been drawn over here. Qingyang city had never been so busy before.

Liu Hong gazed at the staff deeply, once again confirming that the news he received was not fake. He thought, Li Qingshang, oh Li Qingshan. You are impressive. Unfortunately, a Hawkwolf guard is here today. Even if you’re a dragon, you’ll have to stay coiled. Even if you’re a tiger, you’ll have to remain crouching.

Wan Hao said, “Even the Hawkwolf guards plan on interfering with a conflict of the jianghu like this?”

Chu Xin smiled bitterly. “Sir, you’re already an innate master, so why must you contend with us? What did this hall chief Wu offer you? Feel free to state it. I won’t bargain at all.”

Before Lü Tingrui and Wei Dandong could say anything, sir Feng spoke. His voice was high-pitched and sharp, but his words were even sharper than his voice. “All of you, piss off!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. A storm seemed to be brewing in the entire restaurant from his single sentence.

Hall chief Wu added by borrowing the Hawkwolf guard’s might, “Sir Feng wants you to piss off. Haven’t you heard him?”

Li Qingshan frowned as well. How arrogant of this Hawkwolf guard. With his eyes that had been awakened by oxen tears, he could tell that while this sir Feng was stronger than everyone present, he was not unfathomably powerful.

If these first-rate masters worked together, using their trump cards and sacrificing all of these disciples as cannon fodder, it was extremely likely that they could kill him on the spot. And, these first-rate masters all had their own territories. They were all people who could raise a clamour with a flip of a hand, and they all could kill without batting an eye. Now that someone had insulted them before so many of their own disciples, how was it possible for them to endure the humiliation?

Swish! The four first-rate masters all leapt to their feet before leaping out the window without saying anything. They had actually all ‘pissed off’. Their vicious threats before were absolutely nothing. It was like they had raised their hands and viciously slapped themselves across the face, producing a clear and crisp smack.

Even if they urgently needed the spiritual ginseng to save their lives or extend their lifespans, they were afraid of offending the Hawkwolf Guard. As people of the jianghu, they did not lack the courage to throw their lives at a person. However, sir Feng did not represent a single person.

Their disciples followed behind them in dejection, all of them vanishing with the pitter-pattering of footsteps. The huge restaurant became empty in the blink of an eye, only leaving Li Qingshan standing where he was before, stupefied.

“Stunned is the jianghu by sir Feng’s presence!” Hall chief Wu sucked up in a hurry.

Sir Feng’s expression eased up slightly. He became rather complacent, very satisfied with the results. He did not even walk over, gesturing at Li Qingshan and saying, “Offer up the spiritual ginseng!”

He could get four first-rate masters to piss off with a single sentence, so there was even less reason for him to be polite against Li Qingshan alone. Li Qingshan should have succumbed to his might as well, handing over the spiritual ginseng obediently. As for what the Iron Fist school wanted, that was a whole different matter.

Li Qingshan lowered his head. His expression was actually rather melancholy. Something called his romanticised wuxia dream had shattered.1

Hall chief Wu said impatiently, “Hurry up!” It was as if he was not taking something from someone, but taking back something that belonged to him.

Liu Hong said, “Qingshan, quickly. Hall chief Wu has already agreed to let you join the Iron Locks hall. All you have to do is nod, and you’ll immediately become an important figure of the Iron Fist school. You’ll be able to go to Jiaping, or even a great place like Clear River. I can only be envious of your opportunities.”

Li Long also muffled his voice, “Qingshan, just agree!”

“Who is it? Who dares to make trouble in my great Qingyang?!” Ye Dachuan rushed over with a few officers.

Hall chief Wu said in displeasure, “Who are you?” He completely ignored Ye Dachuan’s attire as an official. He could tell with a single glance that he did not possess the slightest trace of inner force or true qi, so he thought to himself, To think that any old person is bold enough to butt into matters these days!

Ye Dachuan said with his head held high, “I am the district magistrate of Qingyang, the brother-in-law of the sir prefect.” Then he studied sir Feng and glanced at the tablet on his waist. “A Black Wolf guard! You must be the reinforcements sent by the sir prefect. You’ve come well. I will report your merit back to the prefect.”

When he heard there were a group of jianghu here, he even became afraid to show himself, but when he heard a Hawkwolf guard had arrived, he immediately stuck out his chest and rushed over. As he spoke, he even patted sir Feng’s shoulder.

Right now, Li Qingshan really did find Ye Dachuan’s courage quite admirable.

Sir Feng frowned and moved his foot, dodging Ye Dachuan’s hand. He gripped his Wind-entwining blade with his right hand, but he was still fearful of the two words, ‘sir prefect’, so he did nothing. “I have official matters to attend to, so please step aside, sir.”

Ye Dachuan said, “What official matters? Oh, you’re talking about Qingshan. He’s the sheriff of my district. Technically speaking, he even outranks you. Hahaha!”

The structure of the Hawkwolf Guard included hawk commanders and wolf commanders. The hawk was primary, while the wolf was secondary, leading the pack of wolves. The hawk commander would often hold the post of sheriff as well. This was why Li Qingshan’s uniform as a sheriff was a simplified version of the Black Wolf uniform. At the same time, Jiaping and Qingyang were technically both districts, so Li Qingshan obviously outranked an officer as the sheriff.

As if he had been utterly humiliated, sir Feng drew his standard issue Wind-entwining blade with a swish. It erupted with two feet of light, leaving a slash seven feet in length on the ground.

Ye Dachuan staggered backwards in fright and tripped on the door sill. He rolled quite far away with his round body. The officers called out, “Sir!” They wanted to stop him, but they were knocked over to the ground instead.

Whether it be authority or status, you would be run over by others very quickly without strength, tearing down your authority and shattering your status.

However, at the end of the day, it was still Ye Dachuan’s government position that saved him. If anyone else had spoken to sir Feng in such a bold manner, they would be cut down even if they were first-rate masters.

Sir Feng decided to not waste any more words on Ye Dachuan. He directly said to Li Qingshan, “Hand over the spiritual ginseng. Don’t make me say that a third time.” The shining blade in his hand surged with light and chilling murderous aura.

Li Qingshan could not help but be amazed. So this was an innate master. He considered it and said, “Fuck off!”

Sir Feng doubted if he had misheard. He became stunned for an entire second. There was a burst of laughter somewhere, and sir Feng became utterly infuriated. “Die!” His blade swept through the air. He wanted to kill Li Qingshan first, and then kill the person who had laughed at him secretly.

With the blade several inches from his face, Li Qingshan felt a chill, sealing off all possibilities of dodging. He grabbed the staff beside him and directed it towards the blade.

Clang! The seat that Li Qingshan sat on shattered, and a deep gash appeared on the glowing staff. Even its glow dimmed significantly.

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1. If you don’t know what wuxia exactly is, it’s kind of more than a genre. It’s more of a spirit in books, of a romanticised, lawless world of martial arts, the jianghu, where chivalry, bravery, and heroism exists in many people. Li Qingshan is utterly devastated by the fact that something like that doesn’t truly exist.

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