Chapter 84 – Sheltering from the Snow and Wind in a Mountain God Temple (Three)

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Chapter 84 – Sheltering from the Snow and Wind in a Mountain God Temple (Three)

The first-rate masters were utterly furious. They had raised all of these disciples through great difficulty. Many of them were their descendants, so they charged over without anymore care.

Just as Li Qingshan was slaughtering to his heart’s content, Wan Hao swung his blade over again. Without even looking back, Li Qingshan grabbed a third-rate master in front of him and blocked his back.

Spurt! Wan Hao did not even bat an eye, cleaving the person in front of him in half and continuing his swing at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan took advantage of the delayed attack and used the Tiger Demon Leaps over the Ravine to lunge towards another second-rate master. However, he did not avoid the attack unscathed, having received a faint mark on his back. He thought, This old man is so vicious.

“One-armed Blade, why do you kill my people?!” However, Lü Tingrui refused to accept it. Ignoring Li Qingshan, she stabbed at Wan Hao. He had killed a beloved disciple of hers. He was extremely handsome, and she had always liked him.

Wan Hao blocked the thin sword. “He was caught. It’s not like he’d survive. I only gave him a quick death. You sure are noisy, woman.”

“You’re turning against each other at a time like this. Do you all want to die here?” Feng Zhang roared out. His blade shone brightly as he forced back Xiao An. “What kind of monster are you?” His right arm trembled. Not only was Xiao An’s sword style masterful, but his strokes were heavy as well, making them extremely difficult to deal with.

“Xiao An, kill him!” Li Qingshan said. He did not slow down at all, reaching towards the chest of a second-rate master with a whistling claw. His hands were soaked in blood, so a horrifying aura sprang forth. It frightened the second rate-master, mentally reducing him to just half of the strength he possessed.

A few abacus beads shot over. Chu Xin struck out once more, but he no longer targeted Li Qingshan’s acupoints. Instead, he went for his eyes and crotch, vital parts of the body.

Hall chief Wu landed another punch on Li Qingshan’s back. His punch earlier failed to do anything, so his reaction was the same as Liu Hong’s. He was filled with disbelief, so he came up to try again immediately.

Li Qingshan suddenly halted, making the abacus beads miss. He forcefully turned around like a vicious tiger looking back. He threw a punch. “Have you had enough?!”

The fists collided. Hall chief Wu’s arm produced a gentle crack, and he flew over three meters away. Before he could even get back on his feet, a streak of light descended from above, dazzling his eyes.

As it turned out, Xiao An had immediately understood what Li Qingshan was saying. He leapt up to over thirty meters in the air and combined with the sword, plunging down on hall chief Wu.

Hall chief Wu was shocked. He demonstrated the reaction of a first-rate master and swung his fists in a flurry, unleashing the move ‘Army’s Barrage’. Every single punch landed on the blade of the sword with precision.

There were a series of clangs. Fortunately for him, his gloves were also spiritual artifacts, so the sword did not shred his arms.

Xiao An borrowed the force to fly up once more, and a wind blade flew past beneath him. Feng Zhang caught up once more with the Wind-entwining blade. Xiao An no longer entangled with him, shooting into the crowd using his agile figure and unleashing a massacre on the second and third-rate masters.

Having escaped death, hall chief Wu collapsed on the ground and breathed heavily. His arms ached painfully, especially his right arm that had clashed with Li Qingshan’s punch. It felt like mud. All of his bones had shattered. His right arm was done for.

Li Qingshan wanted to rush up to him and give him a stomp, but there was nothing he could do about the fact that Feng Zhang had rushed over again. Wan Hao and Lü Tingrui had temporarily set aside their differences and pincered him from both sides.

Within those few seconds, hall chief Wu produced a glowing pill from his bosom and ate it. He actually stood up again. Not only had his arms healed, but even his inner force had replenished completely.

Pills? I have them too!

Li Qingshan crushed the porcelain bottle in his bosom and tossed the Body Eruption pill he had taken from Void Butcherer into his mouth. He no longer cared about its side effects. He had to survive this encounter first!

Thump! Thump thump! Thump thump thump!

His heartbeat suddenly sped up, firing off at high speeds like a motor. Li Qingshan’s thin body immediately swelled up as he became a huge man. His true qi erupted at tenfold, bursting out of his body.

The true qi blocked both the blade and thin sword as if they had sunk into mud. Wan Hao and Lü Tingrui were startled. This was clearly innate true qi. He was not a first-rate master, but an innate master.

“Blade Aura of the Death Sentence!”

“Break!” Li Qingshan threw a punch. The iron fist condensed from true qi landed on the blade aura.

Li Qingshan possessed tremendous strength in the first place, so after ingesting the Body Eruption pill, his strength was unstoppable. He shattered the blade aura with a single punch, throwing Feng Zhang high into the air. While in the air, he cried out, “If you still don’t use your trump cards, we’re all going to die here today!”

Wan Hao, Lü Tingrui, hall chief Wu, and Chu Xin, the four first-rate masters, all looked at one another. They all possessed trump cards to protect their lives, but their value was no less than a quarter of the spiritual ginseng. None of them were willing to use it unless that were in the face of death with no other choice. However, when they witnessed Li Qingshan’s terrifying figure, they could no longer afford to treasure their trump cards.

“So be it, so be it, so be it. I’ll make a deal at a loss today then!” Chu Xin sighed. He took out a talisman, and the three others actually did the exact same thing as him.

Li Qingshan’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He could not allow them to use their trump cards so easily. Just as he raised his foot, he felt a terrifying gust from behind. Suddenly, he looked back and saw that a second-rate master who he had almost finished off in a single strike had pulled out a talisman at a certain time as well, sticking it on his blade. The blade immediately gained a sharp glow like an aura before the second-rate master swung it towards him.

Li Qingshan could sense that even with his tough body, he would be cut in half if the blade landed.

Li Qingshan had underestimated this second-rate master just too much, as the man did not possess a spiritual artifact. Normal weapons would never be able to penetrate his Ox Demon Forges its Hide, but he never thought this person could do something like that.

He wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. The second-rate master could already see his attack succeed; he would soon avenge his fellow seniors and juniors. Delight flooded his face, but a flash suddenly swept past his neck, and his head was thrown high into the air by the gushing blood.

The corpse collapsed forward with its momentum, revealing Xiao An behind. Blood had already dyed his white bones red, while behind him, several dozen second and third-rate masters were littered across the ground, dead. With a sword in hand, his efficiency at killing people exceeded even Li Qingshan’s.

“Thanks!” Li Qingshan smiled and conveniently picked up the large blade that had been strengthened with a talisman. They stood back to back, facing all of the enemies around them.

The sky was pitch-black like ink, and the night of slaughter continued.

Using this interval, the four first rate masters all bit through the tip of their tongues and activated their talismans.

“Swift Breeze Talisman!” Lü Tingrui stuck the talisman on her legs, and a ball of air wrapped around them. Her movement technique had always been very impressive, completely surpassing Yang Anzhi of the Dragon’s Gate sect. After using the talisman, she seemed even more like a ghost. She immediately drifted to Li Qingshan’s side. “It’ll be your honour to die to so many precious talismans. It’ll be your monster’s honour too!”

She stabbed over. As soon as Xiao An tried to block it, she drifted to the other side.

Chu Xin stuck his talisman on his arms, and a layer of light enveloped his hands. He tossed the abacus aside, lifting up his expensive robes. Inside were various kinds of hidden weapons, including countless needles, caltrops, and sharpened throwing coins. With a swing of his arms, they turned into a flurry. Numerous hidden weapons shot through the air like a metal storm.

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