Chapter 93 – The Depths of the Boundless Mountains

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Chapter 93 – The Depths of the Boundless Mountains

“What are you doing?” Li Qingshan knew that his pair of ox horns were even tougher than steel. Now that they Xuanyue carved at them, he felt all of the bones in his body shake. It was both numbing and itchy.

“Don’t move!” Xuanyue said.

As a result, Li Qingshan moved like his life depended on it. He even extended his hand towards his head to grab her, but she was extremely agile, so he could not grab her at all. A while later, she said, “Alright!” Afterwards, she took out a bronze mirror and shone it at Li Qingshan.

All Li Qingshan saw were two characters engraved on his left and right horns, ‘North’ and ‘Moon’.

“I’ll add some colour and meowke it stand out a bit meowre. That’ll be our promeowse!” Xuanyue snickered.

“You can go die!” Li Qingshan was utterly furious.

When the sky began to light up, they found a natural cave to rest in.

Li Qingshan extended his hand with a cold face. “Spiritual pill!”

Xuanyue smiled. “Be good, don’t be angry. Here, open your mouth!” She held a spiritual pill between her fingers, refusing to place it in Li Qingshan’s hand.

The two of them stared at each other. A while later, Li Qingshan opened his mouth and suddenly bit at her hand. His long, pale-white teeth were sharp like knives. Let alone her slender wrist, he could even bite through steel.

Xuanyue reeled her hand back, but all Li Qingshan bit down on was the spiritual pill. Afterwards, she rubbed Li Qingshan’s head. “How vicious!”

Li Qingshan ate the spiritual pill and meditated by himself, continuing the cultivation of the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression. Aside from that, he would hold the mirror and examine the two words etched onto his horns, constantly groaning and sighing to himself. He wondered whether he could remove it.

Right now, he had no idea that the two engraved words did not represent just a promise, but the name of a great Daemon King.

As a result, for the next few days, the three of them rested during the day and travelled at night. Whenever she was bored, Xuanyue would take joy in toying around with Li Qingshan. Although Li Qingshan resisted, it was useless. He could only accept it in the end.

As long as his source of spiritual pills never rang out, his cultivation would grow day by day anyway. Was he supposed to be afraid that there would not be a day when he would reverse the situation?

During these days, Li Qingshan had also learnt a lot about daemons from Xuanyue. Daemons who had yet to condense a daemon core usually had low intelligence. They could only be regarded as powerful wild beasts known as daemonic beasts. Only when they condensed an inner core could they be regarded as daemons.

Daemons also had divisions, just like humans, and it was based on the heavenly tribulations they had undergone. They would be Daemon Generals after the first heavenly tribulation and Daemon Commanders after the second heavenly tribulation. Only when they had undergone the third heavenly tribulation would they be called Daemon Kings. That was the level of the Ten Daemon Kings.

The ten Daemon Kings all ruled over their own regions, and they had countless Daemon Commanders and Daemon Generals under their command. Although the division of their territory was slightly different from the human administrative divisions, there was some resemblance. The Daemon King of the Green province was the Dragon King of Ink Sea.

Xuan Yue was a daemon who had reached Daemon General. She had already become so powerful despite having just stepped into the domain of the powerful in this world. Li Qingshan struggled to imagine just how powerful Daemon Commanders and Daemon Kings who were even greater than her would be. His heart felt like it had been set alight. Whether he be a human or a daemon, he just wanted to be the strongest. Only then would he avoid being tread on by others.

Currently, Xuanyue hummed to herself as she stood on Li Qingshan’s head, holding onto his two horns and looking into the distance.

Li Qingshan could not help but imagine a sight where he held her in his hand and listened to her gently refer to him as ‘master’. His lower abdomen was set alight once more, but it was not all fighting spirit.

With his lofty ambitions, Li Qingshan was surging with the flame of desire. Just as he was in the middle of his fantasy, a fishy gust of wind swept over from the treetops. A huge mouth lunged towards him, but Xuanyue, who was currently hidden away, was directly in its way. She casually swung her hand. “Your reaction is too slow!” She produced a silver arc in the air.

A snake head the size of a water jar fell down, and blood sprayed everywhere. It was actually a huge python hidden in the woods.

Li Qingshan avoided the blood and raised his head to see the snake’s body coiled around the tree. It was several meters in length and coloured just like the bark. He would have never discovered it if he had not looked carefully. He felt like he was living through the movie ‘Anaconda’. Although he had seen many strange things in the past, he still could not help but sigh in amazement. The world actually possessed such strange, terrifying creatures. If it made it to a human village, it could easily slaughter all of them.

Li Qingshan could sniff daemon qi from the snake’s body, so he knew this was a so-called daemonic beast. He had read his share of wuxia novels in the past, so he immediately climbed up the tree to retrieve the snake’s gallbladder. Only then did he discover just how tough the snake’s skin was. Even without the support of daemon qi, it took him quite some effort to get through it. He could imagine just how terrifying this daemonic beast was when it was still alive. Unfortunately, it had chosen the wrong target to attack, which was why it was slain in a single stroke by Xuanyue.

Grabbing the dark-coloured, fishy gallbladder, Li Qingshan swallowed it in one gulp with his eyes shut, ready to accept the pain of cultivation. Xiao An watched on with a shocked gaze.

“Why are you eating the venom sac?” Xuanyue asked in confusion.

“What! The venom sac!?” Li Qingshan’s expression changed. His darkened face turned even darker. His heartbeat sped up as the venom attacked his heart. Basically, Li Qingshan had never done something like removing a snake’s gallbladder even with his two lives combined, so how was he supposed to learn everything all by himself, becoming a survival expert just from transmigrating?

“Meowhahaha!” Xuanyue collapsed on the group in laughter when she saw how Li Qingshan collapsed on the ground from the venom. Then she fished out a round ball from the snake’s body and shoved it into Li Qingshan’s mouth. “Here. That’s the gallbladder.”

Li Qingshan’s entire body had already seized up. He swallowed the gallbladder with difficulty, and the venom only eased up slightly. Xuanyue took out a pill from her bell. “Here’s a Detoxifying pill!”

Li Qingshan laid there for a while, waiting for the effects of the pill to gradually kick in. Only then did he sit up. He said to the worried Xiao An, “I’m fine.”

Xuanyue took out another pill and gave it to him. “Here’s your reward!”

“What reward?”

“Because it was just too funny. You need to work harder in the future and make your meowster happy.”

As a result, Li Qingshan accepted the pill with a darkened expression.

Xiao An spat out the Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration and burnt the huge python very quickly, basically avenging Li Qingshan.

The blood flames burned away all of the python’s flesh, only leaving behind a set of bones. It circled through the air and returned to Xiao An’s mouth. The vitality of these daemonic beasts was powerful and vigorous. Even the vitality of a hundred people could not match a single beast’s, so it was extremely beneficial to his Path of White Bone and Great Beauty.

Xuanyue was stunned by the sight. “So that’s what you eat, Li’l Whitey!”

Li Qingshan saw all of this, so he thought of finding more prey for him.

As they ventured deeper into the Boundless mountains, the trees grew taller. Li Qingshan actually felt insignificant very frequently despite his stature that towered at ten feet.

The daemonic beasts they encountered along the way increased as well. Various types that had only appeared in legends and his imagination would be presented right in front of him.

Huge birds with wingspans of over thirty meters flew in the sky while wind and lightning crackled around them. Spiders as large as tables with a skull on their backs would spin webs as large as soccer pitches between over a dozen trees.

But fortunately, not every single one of them attacked. For example, there was a leopard that stood as tall as a grown man that observed them in the surroundings for a while before choosing to turn around and leave. Although they were not particularly intelligent, these daemonic beasts were better at discerning strength than humans. They were extremely cautious. They would never attack without careful consideration. They were not like the monsters in games. They were living creatures.

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  1. I read even the last chapter with aid of machine translation, and when it’s talk in this chapter about the character on his horn, i can’t help but nod and smile….

    But i think that the Great need to be fully bold, because the think that will happen, it’s not at the level of a great Demon King………….


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