Chapter 98 – The Sword Immortal’s Arrival

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Chapter 98 – The Sword Immortal’s Arrival

“Great king, it’s a cat!” The rats were all shocked. All of them immediately wanted to burrow into the ground and flee for their lives frantically.

The Cat-eating Rat, the rat king, had finally found the cat he had been looking for. He considered things carefully. If a regular cat could eat regular mice, then a Daemon General cat could obviously eat a Daemon General mice. Afterwards, his legs began to tremble, and he said with a sense of composure, “T- turn around!”

“Wise be the king!” The rats said, immediately burrowing away.

As a result, the great group of rats that had arrived mightily immediately fled upon seeing the cat, Xuanyue.

Xuanyue chuckled with a series of meowhahahas again.

Li Qingshan was stunned. “What cowardly rats.” The terrifying suction from the quicksand immediately vanished, and he leapt out of the pit of sand.

Xuanyue’s expression changed. “Our tracks have been exposed. Let’s go!”

Suddenly, Li Qingshan looked back. At the extremely distant horizon in the south, a streak of light shot over. Just from looking at it from afar, the sharp aura seemed to stab at his eyes. How could he afford to stay put? He charged towards the Ice Sword cliff.

The landscape around him rapidly receded. Li Qingshan felt like he was as fast as the wind, but whenever he looked back, the streak of light would grow closer. A while later, it had already closed the distance to fifty kilometers.

Li Qingshan said to Xuanyue, “This can’t continue. You should go first!”

Xuanyue said, “What are you saying? We’re almost there.”

Li Qingshan said, “If this continues, he’ll catch up to us. You should go to the Dragon province by yourself!”

Xuanyue glanced at Li Qingshan and nodded heavily. “Then be careful, Big Blacko. Don’t be killed by that person!” In the next moment, she vanished. Who knows where she had moved to.

Li Qingshan immediately withdrew his aura and changed directions, rushing towards the east.

He was not planning on sacrificing himself for the Xuanyue’s sake. The sword immortal was so powerful that he had no chance at opposing him at all. If he caught up, the sword immortal probably would not spare him either after killing Xuanyue. He would be purged as well. Was he supposed to argue to the sword immortal that he was actually a human as well when that happened?

As a result, all he could do was let Xuanyue go first. It was very likely that the sword immortal would choose to hunt down Xuanyue first, so he could use the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression to withdraw his aura. Perhaps he would be able to survive. There was no need for Xuanyue to be dragged down with him. This was the best decision for both of them.

A husband and wife are in the same boat, yet before danger, they flee for themselves. As for their fates, whether life or death, it would just depend on their own fortunes. For some reason, Li Qingshan thought of that.

The Soaring Dragon Elder had originally been patrolling through the skies when activity in Black Rat mountain alerted him. However, as conflicts between daemonic beasts were common among the Boundless mountains, he did not pay any special attention to it.

“Daemon General!” The powerful daemon qi that only a Daemon General could possess surged, and only then did he take note of it. He concentrated on his senses, and a while later, an even more powerful daemon qi surged into the air. He immediately responded, piloting his sword in pursuit.

Conflict between daemonic beasts were common, but battles between Daemon Generals were extremely rare. And, Daemon Generals that had undergone a heavenly tribulation were relatively intelligent. They all technically served the same Daemon King, led by various Daemon Commanders. Conflict would never arise so easily.

If it were just like what he was expecting, the cat daemon he was searching for should be there.

As expected, he locked onto the daemon qi from several hundred kilometers away, and beside it was actually the strange daemon he had seen before. He could not help but become furious over the fact that he had almost been fooled. Originally, he believed that the cat daemon would travel carefully and alone, and he had never thought it would have a helper. No wonder he struggled to find it after all these days.

As he rapidly drew closer, the cat daemon suddenly vanished from the shoulder of the mere daemon, while the mere daemon travelled east.

The Soaring Dragon Elder hesitated. He chose to ignore Li Qingshan, continuing towards the Ice Sword cliff. He had to stop the cat daemon from leaving the Green province. Once it reached the Dragon province, it would be troublesome.

When the sword-like gaze scanned Li Qingshan, he felt like his blood had stopped flowing through his veins. Only when the streak of light continued north did he let out a sigh of relief. He ran another five kilometers and found a deep ravine, diving head first into it. Hiding below a cliff, he concealed all of his daemon qi firmly.

He exhaled deeply. He had survived at last!

Li Qingshan estimated his gains from this. He had received several dozen spiritual pills from Xuanyue, where every single one of them were even more effective than the spiritual ginseng, allowing his Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression to advance rapidly. Currently, he still had over a dozen pills he had yet to consume, stowed away carefully in a porcelain bottle. If he finished off the remaining pills, he would probably be close to the first layer of the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression. Once he worked hard on cultivation a little more, he would be able to turn back into human form and return to human society, and he would be able to shake off that damned cat daemon who claimed to be his master. It was two birds with one stone.

Li Qingshan rubbed Xiao An’s head with a smile. I’ll be able to complete my promise to you very soon.

Li Qingshan did not move at all, allowing time to trickle by. Suddenly, he felt the earth tremor; it vanished very soon, and another tremor followed.

The sky gradually darkened, filled with dark clouds. It began snowing heavily with fierce, whistling winds, enveloping the entire sky.

Li Qingshan’s heart eased up even more. In such weather, it would be even more impossible to find him even if the sword immortal tried, and Xuanyue should have been able to flee easier! Thinking of her, he actually missed her slightly, but she must have reached the Dragon province already. She would be able to live freely just like she had wanted very soon! The mountains would remain the same, while the rivers would keep flowing. They would see each other in the future again if fate permitted it.

“Myriad Sword Technique!”

In the snowstorm, a voice basically scattered the wind and snow like a thunderclap, interrupting his thoughts.

Boundless killing intent enveloped him.

Oh no! Li Qingshan grabbed Xiao An and leapt up. He looked back mid-air, and all he saw was countless strands of light weaving and criss-crossing in the wind and snow, grinding where he had been hiding to pieces. The ravine collapsed with a rumble.

Li Qingshan threw himself onto a small, dried stream. As soon as he raised his head, a shining blade pointed at his forehead, only three inches away.

The Soaring Dragon Elder wielded the sword in his right hand as he stood on a boulder. He looked at Li Qingshan coldly. “Speak. Where has the cat daemon fled to?”

“You’re the Soaring Dragon Swordsman?” Li Qingshan immediately became stunned at the sword immortal’s appearance. The portrait from the ancestral hall of the Dragon’s Gate sect flashed across his mind again. The Dragon’s Gate sect had been passed down through several generations, so it was a century old at the very least. However, the Soaring Dragon Swordsman only seemed slightly older compared to the portrait. And, if he considered the possibility that the Dragon’s Gate sect had purposefully depicted him to be a little younger out of respect, he basically had not changed at all. Apart from the word ‘immortal’, there was nothing else that could describe him.

However, it was exactly this terrifying immortal who was pointing his sword at his head.

“You know me?” Considering how the Soaring Dragon Elder could condense a Golden Core, he was certainly sharp-witted. “Were you the one responsible for the Dragon’s Gate sect?” The Divining Elder had said that he would settle a grievance. It would probably be here.

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