Chapter 99 – Stars Fall Unfortunately

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Chapter 99 – Stars Fall Unfortunately

Li Qingshan secretly cursed his wretched luck, and that the arrangements of the heavens were mysterious and unpredictable. He felt like there were a pair of hands controlling everything, as well as karma. He destroyed the Dragon’s Gate sect, yet now he met the founding ancestor of the Dragon’s Gate sect in such a place under such circumstances. However, when he heard that the Soaring Dragon Elder had failed to find Xuanyue, his heart eased up for some reason. At least they were not completely annihilated.

As a result, he said calmly, “I am the one responsible for the Dragon’s Gate sect. The Dragon’s Gate sect ran amuck in the region, doing whatever they pleased. In order to steal my spiritual ginseng, they tried to harm me and kill me, so I destroyed them. It’s absolutely fair.”

The Soaring Dragon Elder was slightly surprised. Li Qingshan spoke with great proficiency, which was rather unexpected to him. He was not as dumb as regular daemons. However, when the elder listened to the end, he raised an eyebrow.

There was a flash of the sword, dazzling Li Qingshan’s eyes. Only when blood spurted out from his shoulder did he realise that the sword had already injured him. It left behind a terrifying wound extending from his shoulder to his chest.

“You’re a mere daemon, yet you still dare to claim fairness?! A spiritual item of the world is not something a daemon like you is worthy of. Only purging daemons and demons is the fair.”

Xiao An sprayed out with the Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration. Before it could even approach the Soaring Dragon Elder, his spiritual qi forced it back.

The Soaring Dragon Elder glanced at him. “What a pity with your impressive constitution, but you’ve fallen into the demonic path as well. I will send you off to hell.” Then he said to Li Qingshan coldly, “Cut the bullshit. Hurry up and tell me where the cat daemon is, and I’ll give you a quick death so that you can enter saṃsāra. Don’t be a daemon again in your future life, or your soul will definitely disintegrate for good.”

He traveled north in pursuit, but he lost track of Xuanyue’s aura. He used the Myriad Sword Technique to grind up several dozen mountains, causing utter turmoil to the Boundless mountains. Unless there were great Daemon Commanders, no one could stop him.

However, he still failed to force her out. Xuanyue’s two abilities were simply far too suited for hiding.

The Soaring Dragon Elder’s mood became horrible. Since the Divining Elder said the mission was a guaranteed success, and he would be able to settle a grievance, it all had to do with the weaker daemon.

Li Qingshan said, “I don’t know!” Before he could even finish talking, blood spurted out from his right shoulder. He lowered his head and clenched his fists, crushing the pebbles in his hands to dust.

“Daemons are heartless. You’ve only been used by it. You’re a sacrificial pawn. I’ve wasted time trying to interrogate you.” The Soaring Dragon Elder showed pity towards him and self-mockery.

The sword shone brightly and swept over horizontally, slicing towards Li Qingshan’s neck. Once again, Li Qingshan did not even have time to react. Even if he had countless abilities, he would not be able to use any of them in time.

There was no endless monologuing. When he moved, he did it cleanly, sharply and mercilessly. This was a sword immortal.

A streak of silver light descended from the sky, shooting towards the top of the Soaring Dragon Elder’s head. The light was so tranquil and holy that Li Qingshan gained a false impression; it was as if a crack had appeared in the dark clouds in the sky, allowing the moonlight to slip through. However, it was just a false impression. The dark clouds remained as thick as ever as the snow fell even harder.

The Soaring Dragon Elder instead smiled in surprise and joy. He abandoned Li Qingshan, and with a twist of his hand, his streak of light shot towards the sky, colliding with the silver light. The sharp light from the Soaring Dragon Elder’s sword shattered the tranquil, silver light, causing it to fall straight down and leave behind a deep, crescent-shaped hole in the ground.

The Soaring Dragon Elder turned into a streak of light and flew away. Li Qingshan raised his head, but all he saw was a rather small figure at the very top of the ravine, located in the endless wind and snow. The silver light had originated from the crescent moon on her forehead.

“Meowhahahaha!” The familiar laughter pierced through the wind and snow, landing in his heart.

Immediately, something indescribable surged through Li Qingshan’s chest. However, he said, “Idiot, why did you come back? Go to your Dragon province!”

Xuanyue said, “You’re not allowed to talk to your meowster like that!”

Li Qingshan said, “I’ve said this before, you’re not my master.”

Xuanyue said, “But I clearly heard you yell out, ‘Master, save me.’ just now!”

“No you didn’t!”

Xuanyue laughed aloud. “I must have misheard. Maybe you were crying that out in your heart.”

Li Qingshan was stunned. Indeed, he had cried for help in his heart, seeking help from someone, but it was not this cat daemon. After all, even if she was here, it was useless!

“Cat daemon, you had an easy way out, yet you chose to come back!” The Soaring Dragon Elder’s voice rang out in the sky.

Xuanyue stuck her tongue out at the Soaring Dragon Elder and pulled an eyelid, making a face at him. “Damned old man, come chase me!” She turned around and vanished. The light had already cut up the cliff she had been standing on. Her daemon qi vanished once again.

The Soaring Dragon Elder said, “One Sword into Countless, the Rain of Myriad Swords!” The sword in his hand multiplied, doubling, tripling, before turning into thousands that reached towards the horizons.

Swish, swish, swish! Countless streaks of light descended from the sky like a storm, enveloping the entire ravine.

This was the terrifying wrath of an immortal! Before such a horrifying move, daemons were no different from pigs or dogs, while mortals were no different from ants.

All tricks were useless. All resourcefulness was futile. Li Qingshan raised his head and looked at the streaks of light that glimmered like the stars. He was unable to stop it. There was only death.

The sword rain pierced and shattered everything, but Li Qingshan did not die. A petite figure appeared in front of him with the use of Shadow Displacement. The crescent moon on her forehead shone with silver light, blocking all of the sword rain.

Under the howling of the snowstorm, the silver light and the sword rain clashed violently, illuminating the dark ravine like it was daytime.

The Soaring Dragon Elder said, “This must be the card that the ghost woman, the Dark Queen, gave you to save your life! I’d like to see how much longer you can last!” He formed a seal with his hand and pointed down.

The sword rain seemed endless, while the silver light retreated and withdrew constantly. Xuanyue gritted her teeth and endured it.

Li Qingshan looked at the petite figure and cried out, “Go! Go and hide! This is useless!”

Xuanyue said, “Shut up! How can a meowster not protect her pet!?”

“Since when were you my master!?”

“Meow! I’m not negotiating with you!”

In the blink of an eye, the silver light had been pressed to the thickness of an inch. It was about to shatter.

Even higher in the sky, a huge, white dragon several hundred meters in length twisted its body, descending as it roared angrily.

At a closer glance, it was not actually a dragon, but a tornado. It tore up the snow and flew towards the Soaring Dragon Elder.

On the other end of the tornado, Gu Yanying had already unfolded her jade fan. It shone resplendently. “Soaring Dragon Elder, you better stop!”

The Soaring Dragon Elder made up his mind. He completely ignored the tornado behind him. Changing his hand seal, the sky full of sword rain withdrew and violently condensed together. With dazzling, blinding light, it formed a ball that was like an extremely bright star, illuminating the pitch-black sky.

“Countless into One, Starfall.”

Gu Yanying said, “Be careful!” However, her voice was still slower than the descent of the colossal sword.

The silver light shattered. In Li Qingshan’s eyes, time seemed to slow down. The snow drifted slowly. He extended his hands in vain, only able to watch as the light pierced her chest.

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