Chapter 10 – Selecting Disciples

“Stop sleeping. Hurry up and get up. I gotta change you into another set of clothes and groom you well. You can’t be too much of a mess once you become an immortal master!” The village head looked at how lethargic Mu Yu was in exasperation. After so much difficulty, the child had become the second person who could cultivate in the past ten years, but he was always so indifferent. He never cared about what an immortal master represented.

“Alright.” Mu Yu tossed back over and stuck a foot out of the blankets, placing it onto the village head’s leg. He drooled a little. The braised fish he just dreamed of was so tasty. He could not stop his mouth from watering.

“Are you still not going to get up? I’ll beat you if you don’t get up.”

“I’ll get up.” Mu Yu’s eyes remained shut. The village head had never beaten him before.

“I’ve cooked your favorite braised fish. If you don’t want to eat it, I’ll just throw it all away then.”

“I’ll eat it!”

Mu Yu shot up out of reflex. His eyes shone as he wiped away the drool from the corner of his mouth. As the village head was left speechless, Mu Yu put on a pair of underpants and rushed into the kitchen.

“You glutton,” the village head shook his head helplessly. He picked up Mu Yu’s clothes from the seat and made his way into the kitchen.

The village head chuckled as he watched Mu Yu wolf down the food. He rubbed Mu Yu’s head and said, “Becoming an immortal master is something that will glorify your ancestors. You have to make us proud. Not anyone can become an immortal master. They can fly about and do anything, while we mortals can only kneel when we meet them! Once you become one and come back, your status will be completely different. Last year, when Lu Yiyi of Biggar Village returned from the Green Pine sect, their village specially hung up lanterns and decorations, setting off firecrackers in celebration. It sure made me jealous!”

“Oh! Yes, yes, yes. I remember that. Their granary caught on fire from the firecrackers. They suck at fire awareness.” Mu Yu continued to shovel rice into his mouth and he gulped down the village head’s braised fish. He loved this dish the most.

Everyone in the village knew Mu Yu was an orphan. Fifteen years ago, a woman arrived in the village, heavily pregnant, and gave birth to Mu Yu. When Mu Yu was two, she left without even bidding farewell. No one had thought Mu Yu’s mother would be so vicious, abandoning her two year old to leave all by herself. Fortunately, the village head adopted him. He was twelve now, old enough to go to the academy.

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