Chapter 743: Revival! Yating’s Kiss (II)

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Chapter 743: Revival! Yating’s Kiss (II)

The king of Easton agreed without any hesitation, “No problem. Come.” As he said that, his green domain of life had already expanded, enveloping Long Haochen completely.

Long Haochen raised the two divine swords into the air delicately. He stared at them with shining eyes. He took in a deep breath and calmed down his mind. In the next moment, he brought the swords that could shatter at any time together slowly.

The multicolored golden light from the Light God Domain rose up and completely enveloped the two swords. They fused together right before him and the auras of life and creation appeared.

However, the power was just far too great of a burden for the damaged swords. They began to vibrate gently.

Long Haochen bellowed out, “Creation cannot exist without destruction. She has done so much for your creation, so please truly fuse together now.”


The Sword of Life and Creation exploded immediately, turning into countless specks of light. The largest speck was a golden ball.

Long Haochen’s eyes locked onto the golden ball of light. At the same time, the shattered light became enveloped by his Light God Domain.

Time stopped. The power to control life immediately flooded the specks of light.

A streak of golden light shot out from Long Haochen’s chest as the Heart of Eternity thumped rapidly, directly into the golden ball of light. Immediately, the golden ball of light began to swell and expand at a shocking speed. Its aura of life grew denser and denser as well.

Just like the growth of a tiny, golden embryo, a human shape gradually formed. Afterwards, the human figure expanded and grew larger. Three tiny pairs of wings even appeared on its back.

Her appearance became clearer and clearer. She was beautiful and gentle, but so transparent and weak as well. Wasn’t that Yating?

In the past, when the Demon God Emperor kill Long Haochen in the Star Demon Pagoda, his heart had been completely shattered. Yating happened to reside in the cavity beside Long Haochen’s heart!

The strike from the Demon God Emperor was just too powerful, so powerful that Yating’s body immediately began to collapse. Only her soul managed to survive by transferring to the divine swords as she had been fighting alongside with the Sword of Life and Creation.

However, her soul entered a slumber due to being extremely weak.

Ever since Long Haochen had recovered, he had been searching for Yating’s traces while he cultivated. After such a lengthy time and the constant evolution of his cultivation, he finally found a possibility for her survival, which was that Yating had turned into a sword spirit by the two divine swords. Only when they fused into the Sword of Life and Creation could Long Haochen sense a sliver of Yating’s aura.

Long Haochen knew that Yating’s soul still might have existed, but he dared not to act recklessly. If the two swords were shattered, it was very likely that Yating would die immediately. It would be better if she remained within the swords.

But Long Haochen had finally been presented with a reasonable opportunity with everything that had just happened now. The evolved Light God Domain gave him the ability to control life. He was using the power of his domain to power the evolution of Yating’s weakened soulforce!

The process was very complicated, very troublesome and posed a very great burden on Long Haochen’s powers. However, he could nourish himself through the king of Easton, which was why he could continue to strengthen Yating’s soul with his domain fearlessly.

Gradually, Yating’s figure stabilised and Long Haochen let out a sigh of relief. At least he was certain that Yating wouldn’t die in such a state.

However, the following process was even more complicated. Long Haochen began to pour the power of the two shattered swords into Yating’s body. Through his pure Light God Domain, Yating’s soul gradually became extremely strong.

It had to be mentioned that Yating had fused with the Saint Spiritual Stove in the past. The power nurtured by the Saint Spiritual Stove was also slumbering in her soul and had been awakened at the same time. Whether it was the Aria of the Goddess of Light and the Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light, they had both been nurtured by Yating over long periods of time. Now that they had shattered, it was not difficult to fuse the pure energy that Yating had absorbed and Yating’s soulforce. It was just heavily reliant on an external, foreign power.

In the air, the outer layer was the king of Easton’s green domain of life. Within it was Long Haochen’s flashing Light God Domain and in the very centre was Yating who shone with gentle, golden light.

Receiving the power of the two shattered swords, Yating’s body gradually consolidated. The heart-wrenching sense of weakness gradually faded as well. Long Haochen had not just channeled in the power of the two shattered swords. More importantly, he had channeled in a tremendous amount of vitality, vitality that had been guided by light.

To any fairy, including elemental fairies, they desired vitality very much, let alone Yating who Long Haochen had ceased to treat as just an elemental fairy a long time ago.

The king of Easton was truly powerful. His domain of life showed no signs of weakening despite constantly being absorbed by Long Haochen’s Light God Domain. At the same time, large amounts of vitality flowed in from outside the cave, constantly into his domain and thus strengthening Long Haochen.

As the ruler of this world, the king of Easton possessed paramount authority. He was the representative of the lords of nature, the controller of vitality. If it were not for the fact that Long Haochen’s Light God Domain had been so effective against him, it would have been impossible to suppress him earlier.

With the support of an ally like him, he had basically cleared all of Long Haochen’s obstacles in reconstructing Yating’s body. At the same time, Long Haochen used his evolved soulforce to control his Light God Domain, assisting Yating in rebuilding her body while he also comprehended the various changes and the mysteries over controlling the domain that had come with its evolution. With this opportunity, he basically gained a true grasp over the mysteries of the third grade of the ninth step.

The domain technique that Long Haochen had grasped most recently, the ability to control the processes of life, could be described as extremely useful. The only downside was that it was not particularly powerful in attacking or defending. Against weaker opponents, the domain technique was an unstoppable ability of slaughter. It could even have other uses. However, if his opponent also had a powerful domain, the domain technique’s usage would be limited. It was not as great as the Divine Light Waltz for offence. Of course, with the understanding of the domain technique, he would take a great step forward with his Light God Domain and it would evolve to an even more terrifying level.

Finally, the final fragment of the swords fused into Yating’s body and Long Haochen stopped using his domain. Yating’s entire body shone with a gentle, golden haze. Her eyes were wide open, looking at Long Haochen who had become pale due to the long period of domain use. Her eyes had become misty. However, she was unable to emit any sounds right now. The tremendous spiritual energy in her body was still undergoing an overwhelming fusion.

In that moment, the nurturing power of the Saint Spiritual Stove came into great effect. Under the assistance of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain from earlier, it had fused all the various powers she had absorbed into her body. Now, not only had Yating’s body been reconstructed, it had become even more consolidated than before as well. Within the gentle light attribute was spiritual energy that belonged to the divine swords.

Rings of white haze automatically began to radiate from Yating. That was also when the fusion was complete. Long Haochen had done everything he could now. It would depend solely on Yating as to just what level she could reach next.

Long Haochen waved his left hand and the immobile Nightmoon Queen was immediately drawn over.

The Nightmoon Queen had fallen silent now. She had lost her soul of darkness, so although her body still gave off the aura of life, she was basically a zombie now. She was a soulless shell.

Long Haochen pressed his left hand on the Nightmoon Queen’s head and the Light God Domain immediately rushed into her body. Firstly, he removed the seal on her body.

Immediately, the Nightmoon Queen’s body rapidly expanded. However, she was naked as all her clothes had fallen off when she had been shrunken earlier. She was nothing particularly eye-catching before when she was still in the form of a child, but now that she had turned back to normal, her fair-skinned, perfect body was presented before Long Haochen and the king of Easton.

Like he had just seen a ghost, the king of Easton turned his head away quickly and muttered something to himself. The huge beard on his face trembled. He who seemed to fear nothing was actually afraid of women.

Long Haochen’s self-control was much greater. He only closed his eyes quickly, to avoid temptation. However, he continued with what he was doing.

The Light God Domain invaded the Nightmoon Queen’s body. The Nightmoon Queen had lost her soul and was only a shell now, but her spiritual energy was still tremendous.

After Long Haochen’s spiritual energy entered her body, he inspected her body first. He discovered that darkness and water attributes simultaneously existed within the Nightmoon Queen. Her spiritual energy was so powerful that it was roughly the same as before he had evolved, also at the second rank of the ninth step. It was much weaker compared to the king of Easton, but she had dual attributes at the second rank of the ninth step.

The power of light began to blossom in her body in attempt to purge her of darkness spiritual energy. However, Long Haochen discovered how pointless it all was.

The darkness attribute in the Nightmoon Queen was extremely tenacious. Even though there was no soul to guide it, it was impossible for Long Haochen to purge it unless he destroyed her body completely. Clearly, this power came from the Nightmoon Queen’s bloodline. The tenaciousness in the darkness attribute due to her bloodline could not be rivalled by power awakened after birth.

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