Chapter 757: The Bright Glimmer of Hope vs the Undead Kings (II)

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Chapter 757: The Bright Glimmer of Hope vs the Undead Kings (II)

However, it had to be mentioned that apart from Long Haochen and Yating who managed to gain an upper hand, the other powerhouses of the Bright Glimmer of Hope were all suppressed to various extents.

Chen Ying’er faced against the Lich King. They were both adept in summoning. Chen Ying’er’s Beast God Domain was unable to restrain her opponent, but it could strengthen her summoned creatures. However, the undead creatures summoned by the Lich King were at a far greater level than what she summoned.

When they fought, they took up the most space out of all the battles happening. On Chen Ying’er’s side, she had already summoned thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step through the Beast God Domain to attack the Lich King. The Lich King did not show weakness either, launching an army of bone dragons over a hundred strong. Just in terms of numbers, she had completely overwhelmed Chen Ying’er.

Six orange epic tier crystal balls rapidly flashed and revolved around Chen Ying’er. The spiritual pellets on her Spiritual Saint Robe shone brightly, assisting her with spiritual energy recovery.

She needed to complete a second group summoning before the bone dragon army had defeated her summoned beasts. The Lich King did not idle about either. Attack magic constantly rained down on Chen Ling’er, which was blocked by the devil dragon that McDull had transformed into.

Although she had a divine tool, the difference in strength was just too great, such that once the battle became drawn out, Chen Ling’er would definitely be defeated by the Lich King.

Wang Yuanyuan’s situation was much better than Chen Ling’er’s. Her opponent was the Skeleton King.

As soon as the battle began, the Skeleton King produced a huge, black bone blade and launched a wild assault against Wang Yuanyuan using his absolute advantage in size.

In Wang Yuanyuan’s left hand was the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield and in her right hand was the Bloodstorm. She fought as hard as she could, but she was still forced into a retreat. The Skeleton King’s physical strength was just too great. After every attack, Wang Yuanyuan would retreat slightly in the air. Her Blood Domain was nullified by her opponent’s Soul-devouring Domain. They clashed purely with physical strength. If it were not for the fact that the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield had reached the epic tier after being embedded with spatial crystals, Wang Yuanyuan probably would have been defeated after the first few violent attacks. Even with that being the case, she still needed to use the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate to change her location from time to time in order to make the Skeleton King move about, preventing him from approaching Haoyue.

Rumble! A boom rang out with dense, purple sparks, dyeing one side of the battlefield purple.

The terrifying sparks had erupted from Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Lightning. He held the ball with both hands, pressing the huge, metal ball on his chest. Through the amplification and magnification of the Gigantic Ball of Lightning, the attacks of his Thunder Manipulating Spiritual Stove reached an extremely terrifying level.

A hundred meters in front of him, the Abomination King covered in pale face looked at its own chest. There was a wound, scorched black and several meters wide, penetrating deep into the fat on its chest. Even its organs had become visible.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” The Abomination King used his left hand to strike his chest, while he swung a huge, rusty hook around with his right hand. A bloody red light shone from the chain connected to one end of the hook to the tip of the hook as the hook shot towards Sima Xian.

It did not strike its chest randomly either. A large about of grotesque, yellow fat was squeezed out from around the wound to cover it up completely. He was healing the wound at an astonishing rate.

“F*cking hell, that’s too much.” At this moment, Sima Xian was very depressed. He fought the Abomination King because he saw his size and thought he would be satisfying to beat up. Who would have thought he had bitten off more than he could chew? The Abomination King’s defence was extremely terrifying. Sima Xian had struck the Abomination King with his Gigantic Ball of Lightning several times. The effects of Smash, Crush and Triple Blast were extremely limited on the Abomination King. Even if it would rip through his flesh, the Abomination King would be able to repair himself in a very short amount of time.

Sima Xian had just tried using the Thunder Manipulating Spiritual Stove. The damage was slightly greater, but it was still not enough to heavily injure the Abomination King.

What disgusted Sima Xian the most was the Abomination King’s huge, metal hook. The Abomination King seemed huge, but it wielded the metal hook with great skill. In particular, once he came in contact with the red light from the hook, the effects of attraction similar to what the Gigantic Ball of Lightning possessed would immediately come into effect. He would not be able to escape. If it were not for some of the special effects from Sima Xian’s equipment, he would have suffered greatly a long time ago.

When he watched the hook swing over once more, Sima Xian snorted angrily. He roared at the sky valiantly and the Gigantic Ball of Lighting swept over, meeting it head-on. He was venting his anger.

The two ranged heavy weapons collided in the air and unleashed countless sparks. The Gigantic Ball of Lightning possessed no advantage in both size and weight. However, it had already reached the epic tier, so the Abomination King’s hook was unable to match up to the abilities attached to the weapon.

Rumbles rang out against and again and the iron hook was knocked askew in the end. Sima Xian flapped his wings so he could fly slightly higher. He looked at the Abomination King angrily and said, “Aren’t you just big in size with a big weapon? I’d like to see just who’s bigger.”

As he said that, Sima Xian tossed the Gigantic Ball of Lightning into the air. A strange, golden lustre lit up from the core of the Gigantic Ball of Lightning. The golden light actually flickered with seven faint colors. The immortal tier? Did the Gigantic Ball of Lightning actually reach the immortal tier?

Sima Xian flashed as well. With a single movement, his body immediately began to swell. In the blink of an eye, he had reached over a hundred meters in height, just as tall as the Abomination King. The most terrifying part about it was that his Gigantic Ball of Lightning had grown accordingly as well. Its diameters actually stretched to around fifty meters.

The Abomination King looked at Sima Xian and then the hook in his hand. He could not help but be taken apart. He also felt somewhat threatened. A gleam of vicious light flashed through his beady eyes and dark green mist surged out from his body, rapidly enveloping Sima Xian. This was his special Domain of Pestilence, best suited for taking of groups. Once powerhouses of any elements were affected by the domain, they would be eaten away as time passed by.

Sima Xian’s eyes lit up. He did not avoid the Domain of Pestilence. He stood a step over and lifted the Gigantic Ball of Lightning over his head, directly smashing it towards the Abomination King.

From the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Centre, Long Haochen had purchased two precious pills. They were pills that could assist powerhouses of the ninth step in condensing their domains. He gave one to Sima Xian and one to Lin Xin. Lin Xin had already completed his Domain of the Sacred Sun, while both Sima Xian’s weapon had increased in quality and he had cultivated his own domain under the little white flower’s assistance. More accurately, it was a domain weapon, similar to Long Yating’s.

He liked his Gigantic Ball of Lightning just too much, which is why his domain completely matched up to his thoughts when it evolved. It would increase his size, magnifying his strength and defences, as well as strengthen the Gigantic Ball of Lightning. The bald priest had basically become a human weapon. The flaws with it was that he could not launch long-range attacks, nor could he use any domain techniques. His spiritual energy would be depleted rapidly as well.

The two colossal beings collided bravely like that. They engaged in the most simple and direct brawl. That was a collision of flesh. As a matter of fact, the Abomination King’s fat would spray about from time to time. Across the entire battlefield, their battle was quite a sight to behold.

They collided physically, while to another side, Lin Xin and the Pit Demon Spider King engaged in a battle of pure magic.

With the sun from the Sacred Sun Curse high above his head, Lin Xin’s two pieces of immortal tier equipment shone brightly. He constantly extended the Eternal Dragon’s Fire and the Sacred Sun Curse constantly sprayed powerful, blue flames towards the Pit Demon Spider King.

Learning the Sacred Sun Curse only made Lin Xin even more powerful. In particular, his domain used the Sacred Sun Curse as a foundation as well, which allowed this ultimate technique to reach an unprecendented level.

The Pit Demon Spider King’s cultivation had exceeded three hundred thousand spiritual energy and its poisonous death magic was similarly powerful. However, there was nothing it could do about the fact that fire was also somewhat effective against undead. Moreover, the Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise on Lin Xin imbued him with the light element. As a result, they were actually evenly matched, with Lin Xin somewhat gaining the advantage. In reality, his Heart of Fire was too powerful, allowing him to recover his magic very quickly in this world of black and red. He launched his attacks without any worry about their consumption, which made the Pit Demon Spider King rather flustered.

The other two battles were equally matched as well. Possessing the Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness, the Divine Knight of Destruction and Forgiveness, Han Yu, was covered in dark green armor. His weapon was just a shield. There were two images on the shield. One side depicted a fearful devil, while the other side depicted a sorrowful angel.

His opponent was the Zombie King. The Zombie King’s actions contrasted against his stiff body as it moved with lightning speed. However, no matter how he moved, Han Yu would always be able to block his way in time. Every time the Zombie King’s attacks landed on the heavy Shield of Terror and Sadness, his soulfire would tremble violently and his body would come to an unavoidable halt, before immediately being pushed away by Han Yu. Han Yu did not engage in any attacks either, just defending his ground firmly, such that the Zombie King was helpless.

Possessing the Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit, Zhang Fangfang who had been bestowed the title of the Divine Knight of Knowledge and Legacy did the same as Han Yu. Both of them were extremely risk-averse knights. The Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit had given him a warhammer and a round shield. Every time he swung the warhammer, extremely powerful light element would erupt. The explosive power would even be greater than the Gigantic Ball of Lightning. The Hellfire King’s attacks were also powerful, but he was unable to do anything about Zhang Fangfang’s sturdy defence.

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