Chapter 768: Eight-headed Haoyue (I)

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Chapter 768: Eight-headed Haoyue (I)

Long Haochen was completely enveloped by the purple light. He was no longer visible. Haoyue’s body erupted once more and directly surpassed fifty meters in length. It became a tremendous creature.

Haoyue’s two new heads were differently coloured as well. The left head was dark-golden, with only a single eye. Compared to the other heads, the eye was clearly over a third larger. From the top of its head down its neck, there was a neat line of huge, dark golden spikes. The spike at the very top was the largest, spanning two meters in length. The cold, metallic lustre was chilling. The single eye constantly shone with a golden lustre.

The other head was black and purple, but it was not of the dark attribute, because a ball of lightning constantly flickered near its single horn, which demonstrated its element. The single horn on the huge head was very special. Below, it was jagged like lightning, while the top was a ball. It seemed rather similar to a tomato.

After the two heads had emerged, Haoyue raised his six other heads as well. It was just too impressive of a sight as the eight heads rose together. It had a mountainous body, strange, purple and iridescent scales and a terrifying aura, as well as eight huge heads that represented eight different elements. Currently, Haoyue’s aura had already surpassed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s. Its cultivation had probably reached around the seventh rank of the ninth step.

Purple light rose up from Haoyue’s body, gradually forming a purple cloud above him. As the purple cloud slowly expanded, the terrifying will of destruction forcefully purged all the filth in the air. Very soon, the entire sky became purple. Even the sun had become purple as it hung in the air.

When the Bright GLimmer of Hope saw Haoyue, they actually felt like they were almost going to suffocate. It was too powerful. Haoyue really had become too powerful, so powerful that they were unable to properly discern its true strength anymore. Its spiritual energy pulses had surpassed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. Just what level had its tremendous body reached?

However, the only thing that the Bright Glimmer of Hope worried about was Long Haochen’s control over Haoyue. Having surpassed Long Haochen’s cultivation and now in possession of such a powerful will of destruction, could Long Haochen still control Haoyue? The worry that Cai’er had expressed to Long Haochen earlier represented what the others were thinking about as well.

Haoyue slowly unfurled its two huge wings as its powerful body was supported by its four limbs. Its eight heads let out a furious bellow once more and its pupils which flickered with different colours turned purple at the same time.

They all let out a purple breath at Long Haochen together.

“What’s Haoyue doing?” Wang Yuanyuan could not help but ask rather nervously.

Cai’er gazed into the distance and said sternly, “We have to believe in Long Haochen’s judgement. Actually, she was nervous as well. If Haoyue really wanted to harm Long Haochen, it was already too late for them to intervene. Although they had expected Haoyue to become extremely powerful after evolving, they never expected it to be so strong.

However, Haoyue made them stop worrying very soon. Purplish golden light flashed in the air under the eight incoming breaths, just like one of the purplish golden scales from Haoyue’s body.

The deep purplish gold colour flowed around Long Haochen’s body and the nine lines of purplish golden symbols on his forehead became brighter and brighter. The nine lines protruded and shrank slightly on his forehead, before remaining there. This time, the nine lines did not just appear temporarily. Instead, they remained there like markings on Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s aura changed as well. Although it did not erupt like Haoyue’s, his cultivation did continue to rise.

Now, all of the clothes on his body had vanished. They had all become purplish gold. The Heart of Eternity thumped heavily in his chest. At the same time, a ball of white light appeared in the puplish gold colour. It represented Long Haochen’s spiritual pellet, as well as his largest spiritual cavity.

His forehead, shoulders, hips, knees and elbows lit up with white light as well, before extending downwards. Every ball of white light represented a cavity, as well as ten thousand of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy.

At the very beginning, there were only thirty-nine balls of white light, but as Haoyue’s power entered, more and more white light appeared on Long Haochen.

Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven… forty-nine.

In the blink of an eye, Long Haochen’s cultivation had reached the peak of the fourth rank of the ninth step. He had surpassed Cai’er again and if he advanced further, he would reach the fifth rank. Reaching the fifth rank was a whole knew world for powerhouses of the ninth step. It was equivalent to a great leap.

The properties of the blood pact was completely exhibited at a time like this. Long Haochen and Haoyue had always been supporting each other. Whenever one of them increased in strength, the other would gain an increase as well. Now that Haoyue had directly evolved from six heads to eight heads, the effect on Long Haochen’s strength was much greater than all of the evolutions in the past.

Suddenly, the purplish golden light on Long Haochen lit up. Afterwards, all of his cavities lit up as well. The white light even managed to push the purplish golden light away temporarily. The fiftieth cavity lit up flagrantly.

The fifth rank of the ninth step. Long Haochen had finally broken through to the fifth rank of the ninth step. Haoyue’s power actually assisted him in overcoming two bottlenecks consectuively.

His spiritual energy continued to increase, but it clearly slowed down compared to the beginning. Fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three… upon the appearance of the fifty-seventh spiritual cavity, his spiritual energy stopped climbing and the purplish golden light gradually stabilised as well.

Now, Long Haochen had truly become the greatest in the Temple Union in terms of the amount of spiritual energy. Coupled with the additional boost from the Heart of Eternity, his spiritual energy had even exceeded the Starry Skiy Holy Knight Yang Haoyu.

The light flashed and receded as Long Haochen’s aura gradually grew stable. The purpleness from Haoyue’s eight huge heads gradually faded, returning to their original colour. However, their eyes shone with intimacy. Clearly, its evolution in strength did not change its feelings toward Long Haochen.

The purplish golden light slightly vanished. Only the nine lines of purplish golden symbols remained on Long Haochen’s forehead. He slowly opened his eyes.

His pupils were still a clear gold, but in the moment he opened his eyes, purple flashed through the depths of his eyes.

Looking at Haoyue below him, Long Haochen was deeply shocked, not by Haoyue’s strength, but by the beauty of body, as well as the effect that Haoyue had brought onto him! His spiritual cavities had directly jumped from thirty-nine to fifty-seven, making him truly become the greatest powerhouse of the human world. Coupled with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and Haoyue, this was the first time Long Haochen had complete confidence in challenging the Demon God Emperor. And, his soul was growing stronger as well, which was equivalent to stronger spiritual energy. The eruption in mental force shocked him even more.

Long Haochen’s natural mental force was extraordinary, much more powerful than an ordinary person. After Haoyue had evolved this time, his mental force had actually increased by more than double, which was more than enough to show how powerful Haoyue had become.

Suddenly, Haoyue’s dark golden head darted to one side. Only that head shone brightly with golden light and in the next moment, Haoyue’s mountainous body just vanished.

“Hmm?” Long Haochen sensed something was wrong.

When Haoyue reappeared, he was several thousand meters away. Dense, purple light appeared in the air. Two figures appeared before Haoyue under the illumination of the purple light. Weren’t they the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King?

As it turned out, they still did not trust Long Haochen’s promise too much, so they had secretly snuck back. Originally, they had considered launching a sneak attack, but when Cai’er’s three Flourishing Lotus Flowers appeared in the air, they dismissed that idea. They pleaded that Long Haochen would stick to his word.

Now that Haoyue had finished evolving and its terrifying pressure was the same as six thousand years ago, they were in utter fear. They dared not to move, afraid that Haoyue would discover them. However, it was impossible for them to hide from Haoyue with their cultivation. After Long Haochen’s strength had increased, Haoyue immediately set off for them.

The newly-grown dark golden head suddenly swung itself and the ridge of spikes on its head immediately extended, becoming eighteen terrifying metallic blades of light, slashing towards the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King viciously. At the same time, golden light poured out from its only eye, towards the two of them.

The seven other heads did nothing. They only watched. When Haoyue had appeared before the two of them, dense purple light had turned into a huge ring to prevent them from running away.

The Lich King let out a scream and she crossed her arms before her chest. A purple gas surged in an attempt to block the streak of golden light. However, the golden light tore through it without the slightest resistance, directly landing on her body. The Lich King immediately turned into a golden statue and afterwards, the eighteen huge metallic blades rained down.

At this moment, if the Knight of Judgement of the Dead insisted on fleeing, he still might have had a choice. After all, Haoyue had just finished evolving, so his powers were not exactly stable, and he had targeted the Lich King first. Even if Haoyue completely overwhelmed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead in terms of his element, it was still possible for him to charge out of the purple light with his cultivation at the seventh rank of the ninth step.

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