Chapter 784: Exemplar to Look up to (III)

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Chapter 784: Exemplar to Look up to (III)

Throughout the history of the Temple Union, never had there been an important member’s past presented so clearly before the common people. Not only did the message before the film interest the common people and draw them into the story, it also made them feel respect. In that moment, all of their eyes were glued to the magical crystal screens.

This was the first time they had learnt that the Bright Glimmer of Hope that had performed brilliantly in the Temples’ Great Gathering had once penetrated into the demons and destroyed two Demon God Pillars, even audaciously venturing to Modu and planning to kill the Star Demon God. It even took the Demon God Emperor to mobilise the three most powerful clans among the demons to deal with them.

What would the magic film show?

As everyone waited curiously, the film began to play.

The ten magical crystal screens basically lit up with dazzling light at the same time. The resplendent gold light shocked everyone watching.

The golden light gradually subsided and the first thing they saw was a small forest.

A soft discussion immediately rose, “Look, isn’t that the demon hunters of the Bright Glimmer of Hope? That’s vice-chairwoman Cai’er. Look, it’s vice-chairman Chen Ying’er. She’s currently an auxiliary head of the Spiritual Temple.”

“Look at that baldy. He’s Sima Xian, the most powerful Discipline Priest in the history of the Priest Temple.”

“I still like that mage more. The phoenix technique he used during the Temples’ Great Gathering was just too awesome.”

Everyone’s voices was drowned out by the sound of the film.

Chen Ying’er sobbed painfully in the film as everyone surrounded Long Haochen who lay on the ground.

Cai’er gently crouched down and looked at a blue ring on her finger.

She gently took off the ring and lifted up Long Haochen’s left hand, putting it on his ring finger.

“You dummy. Why did you return it to me? It already belongs to you forever, just like me heart.”

Cai’er spoke very softly, but after being magnified by the film, everyone could hear it clearly. They immediately sensed the deep sorrow in Cai’er’s voice. Her feeling of despair immediately tugged on everyone’s heartstrings, such that their discussions immediately stopped. They all watched the film quietly.

Cai’er raised her hand and slowly took off the Eternal Melody pendant from his neck. A golden skull stood out on the screen. When Cai’er hung the Eternal Melody around her neck, everyone thought of the same question. What was that?

“Let’s go,” Cai’er said. Afterwards, everyone became bedazzled. Dense, golden light appeared on the Eternal Melody, enveloping everyone. In the next moment, as the golden light rose, the film immediately became blurry. With a series of distortions, they moved to a different place.

At this moment, a voice-over appeared, “They were teleported to another realm, to a world within a divine tool. The golden skull was called the Eternal Melody, the key to opening the divine tool. The creator of the divine tool was…”

The voice-over ended there and the scene cleared up once more.

Cai’er said frantically, “Come out, hurry up. Just come out.”

A green light silently emerged from Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armour. The green light seemed very weak, almost like a wisp of smoke.

A weak voice rang out of the wisp of light as well, “He is already dead. So my pact with him is gradually dissipating. All I can do is to keep his soul maintained for seven days. But it also means that you have only the time of seven days. There is only one chance, and it lies in this Tower of Eternity. You must succeed as this tower’s successor, and rely on the profound mysteries of light necromancy to possibly restore his soul and reforge his heart. If he manages to resurrect, my contract in him will reinstate as well, but otherwise, seven days later his soul will scatter, and be confined in this Tower of Eternity, bound for all eternity. So if you cannot resurrect him within seven days, just bring him out from here, at least that way his soul won’t have to keep suffering here.”

As the voice stopped at this point, the green wisps disappeared.

“That… That voice is…” Wang Yuanyuan blankly said.

“I know! It’s that girl from the Illusory Paradise. No mistake, that’s her.” Lin Xin bounced wildly.

Grabbing Lin Xin’s shoulder, Han Yu excitingly shouted, “Yes, yes! Ye Xiaolei! It’s her; she has a some kind of contract relationship with captain, and is the one who came to our aid. So Captain has some hope of revival. There’s hope!”

What shocked the audience the most was how Han Yu said there was hope in reviving their captain. He was already dead, so how was he supposed to be revived? And what was the profound mysteries of light necromancy? What repairing his heart? What inheritance of the Tower of Eternity? All of these mysteries confused the audience slightly.

“Does anyone has a rope or a chain?” Cai’er’s call roused everyone from their pondering. Afterwards, they saw Cai’er lift Long Haochen’s corpse onto her back with the assistance of her companions, tying him down with a chain.

When they saw this, a lot of people felt like there was something lodged in their throat.

Even though a lot of people knew the demon hunt squads had done a lot for the union, they only truly understood just how brutal the experiences that the demon hunters had to go through when they saw this film.

“Seven days. We only have a time of seven days; in this time, we must climb to the top of the Tower of Eternity and obtain the inheritance of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.”

Cai’er’s voice rang out in the film and this name became embedded in the audience’s minds. The Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. What kind of existence was he?

Before the audience had enough time to wonder about it, the scene changed again. Cai’er had begun to lead the Bright Glimmer of Hope to the Tower of Eternity to challenge it.

There, the story and matters depicted in the film were slightly changed. In order to to immerse the audience better, the trials began on the first floor. The twelve powerful holy guards appeared before them.

The demon hunters fell one by one. As they watched them sacrifice themselves to pave a path to Long Haochen’s revival, tears began to pool up in the audience’s eyes.

In order to revive their captain, in order to revive chairman Long Haochen, every single demon hunter from the Bright Glimmer of Hope had given them all! The object that common people treated with most importance, life, had been offered up by them selflessly.

Sima Xian fell, Chen Ying’er Fell and Wang Yuanyuan fell. No matter how they fell, their eyes would be filled with persistence and hope.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope climbed up the Tower of Eternity a floor at the time as the audience sat at the edge of the seat. Many of them had even dampened their clothes with tears unknowingly. However, they held their breaths, even unwilling to produce a single sound of weeping, afraid of missing even just a moment of the film.

On the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity, only Cai’er continued fighting. She lifted the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand high up into the air and faced the most difficult trial.

Lin Xin’s voice became the voice-over, “The vice-captain is using the power of the seven arts of the God of Death. Each art will make her lose one emotion. She…”

The simple voice-over brought even more shock to the audience. Following that was Cai’er’s unhesitant battle.

The first art, Death in Childhood. The second art, Death in Purification. The third art, Death’s Scream. The fourth art, Deathgod’s Kiss. The fifth art, Death’s Silent Annihilation. The sixth art, Death in Journey.

The audience witnessed the definition of strength. When Cai’er used the sixth art of the seven arts of the God of Death to finally defeat her opponent, a tremendous wave of cheers rang out from the crowd. There were even tears of joy. However, they failed to realise that this was just a start to their tears.

Six-colored light appeared, tending to the wounds of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. As their condition took a turn for the better, pulling some of them back from the jaws of death as a matter of fact, the crowd nervousness was overcome by great relief and ease. Did it finally end? Were they finally going to revive chairman Long Haochen?

Afterwards, an even brutal scene appeared.

The path to the sky.

“Kowtow after each step on the aerial passage.”

The voice-over, “On the path to the sky, all powers were suppressed. Vice-chairwoman Cai’er was reduced to the powers of an ordinary girl.”

The introduction was very simple, but it immediately allowed the audience to understand just what pressure Cai’er was experiencing.

Cai’er advanced at an extremely steady pace. With each step, she would kneel down, kowtow and rise, before taking another step, kneeling down… This continued repetitively.

The audience began to see sweat and gradually, they saw blood.

Two trails of blood began to appear on the endless path to the sky, which deepened as they went.

Gradually, a third trail of blood appeared as well from Cai’er’s forehead.

The audience were ordinary people after all. Their feelings were much more tender than demon hunters. Even the Bright Glimmer of Hope had cried at this sight, so the audience immediately broke into a sea of weeping. Many people cried painfully as they struggled to compose themselves.

Fifty stairs, sixty stairs, seventy stairs, eighty stairs. Those stairs were painful, and she had to staggeringly go on. Her body was already close to collapse, and the blood trails left on the ground started to form a puddle at the bottom of the stairs.


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