Chapter 785: Entering where the Eternal Heroes Slumber (I)

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Chapter 785: Entering where the Eternal Heroes Slumber (I)

In the film, the Cai’er still kept going on, climbing without rest, despite close to collapsing. A deep force of incomparable scale seemed to be supporting her gradually weakening body.

Bam! On the one hundred twelfth stair, Cai’er suddenly fell down, violently smashing the stairs on the ground. But her right arm still grasped the smooth surface of the stairs with the tips of her toes supporting herself on a step lower down, so that she wouldn’t slip down.

Blood covered the whole hem of her skirt, and as her tiptoes slided along the way, Cai’er’s face of originally extreme beauty had already become full of blood.

Because her body was far too burdened, it was shaking violently. Only her eyes and look remained firm, resolute.

With a violent gasp for breath, she barely managed to shift position to another stair, and kowtow once again in a bang.

“Don’t continue.” In the crowd, someone had called out and immediately, everyone began to call that out together.

She climbed, she fainted. She climbed some more, she fainted some more…

Cai’er collapsed time after time, and climbed many again and again. When she had made it onto the two hundredth stair, she was already entirely covered in blood.

This was already her seventh time falling unconscious on the path to the sky.

Cai’er’s knees were already devoid of the slightest skin and flesh, her deep white bones already coming to sight. She was unaware that her fair white bone contorted all the time, and because of the excessive blood loss, her whole body was morbidly pale. Her life was fading away at an astonishing speed, yet no end of the path to the sky came to sight.

From the film, Cai’er’s shape had been firmly embedded in the minds of the entire audeince like concrete.

The voice-over appeared once more, “Vice-chairwoman Cai’er fainted a total of seven times as she climbed the path to the sky over several days. The film has compressed this time.”

The audience’s emotions could no longer be described with a simple word like shock. Some of the more frail females in the audience had even fainted from all the crying. Even the soldiers of the union responsible for maintaining order choked on their sobs. This was the first time they learnt that the will of humans could be this tough. This was also the first time they had truly witnessed what the demon hunters had gone through.

Just when the audience was about to collapse from their emotional burden, a gate of light finally appeared on the path to the sky.

When Cai’er used her entire strength to finally enter the gate of light, the entire audience choked back their sobs and cheered out.

The beautiful seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity appeared, and so did the coffin in which Elux slumbered.

Indeed, to ordinary people, they possessed a powerful, natural fear of the undead. However, after the emotional upheaval earlier, they were no longer as shocked when they saw Elux in his undead form.

Elux said that he needed a beating heart to revive Long Haochen. When Cai’er reversed her Sickle of the God of Death and stabbed it towards her own chest, screams had almost filled the entire city.

When Elux said to Cai’er that he wanted to test Long Haochen, basically the entire crowd supported him, because they all had strong doubts towards Long Haochen. Did their chairman deserve everything that Cai’er had done for him?

Having awakened, Long Haochen faced Elux’s test. When he said that he was willing to relinquish his beliefs to save Cai’er, the whole audience surged. They finally understood that Cai’er was not the only one who was honest to his feelings. Their chairman was willing to give up on his beliefs, something even more precious than his life, for his most beloved!

In that moment, Cai’er and Long Haochen’s status rose to an indescribable height in their minds. Were beliefs, undead and so on still important anymore? No, before true love, it seemed everything was insignificant.

Especially when Elux uttered ‘you win’, a cheer erupted among the entire audience once more.

It had to be mentioned that the effects of the magic film had completely exceeded the original expectations of the person who suggested this in the first place, Mage Temple head Li Zhengzhi. It had also exceeded the imaginations of everyone who supported this idea.

The audience had almost gone crazy from the magic film. They chanted Long Haochen and Cai’er’s names to release their emotions.

With the groundwork complete, it was much easier for the audience to accept Elux’s story. Elux’s sorrowful experiences, as well as his understanding in the end from Long Haochen and Cai’er and his self-purification shocked the audience deeply.

The film ended on Elux’s lofty words, “Holding all lives, plucking all sars, the world without someone like me.”

Now, they were gradually getting deeper into the night. However, no one left. After a moment of silence and peace, ‘Long Haochen, ‘Cai’er’ and ‘the Bright Glimmer of Hope’ became what they chanted.

That was a sleepless night in the Holy City.

The Southern Mountain Pass.

It was currently noon, as well as the time for lunch. In an inconspicuous inn, the lively conversation made it extremely noisy.

“Are you going tonight again? Nah I can’t. I can’t go.” A girl shook her head firmly and turned down the suggestion of the man who shared the same table as her.

“Why not? It’ll only be broadcasted for ten days. You won’t be able to see it afterwards.”

“I can’t go anymore. If I go again, I’ll end up crying myself blind. Vice-chairman Cai’er is just too pitiful. The demons are just too despicable. If it weren’t for my poor aptitude, I’d join the army as well and go kill the enemies on the battlefield.”

“Sigh, exactly right? Let alone a girl like you, even a man like me would cry everytime I see it. It’s just too touching. No wonder the chairman and vice-chairwoman can possess such a cultivation at such a young age. The difficulties they have gone through is something we can never imagine!”

“Exactly. That Slumbering Calamity Elux is pretty pitiful as well. Who would have thought that such a powerful necromancer like him had been forced into his state all because of reality.”

“Yeah, who’s without fault? And didn’t he repent in the end? And he was purified by vice-chairwoman Cai’er. I only knew after watching the film that undead can think for themselves and are intelligent. They don’t just thrive off slaughter!”

Similar conversations basically filled the streets of the entire Southern Mountain Pass.

It was not just the Southern Mountain Pass. The magic film had been broadcasted in the Holy City and six great forts as well. The other cities further in were still waiting for their magic crystal screens to be delivered. After all, there were not a lot of magic crystal crens. There were only a few cities who could set them up.

After the first wave of screenings in the Holy City and the six great forts, the magic crystal screens were dismantled and transported to other cities further in-land.

Throughout the history of the Temple Union, or perhaps the history of all humans, there had never been a matter with such a great influence. Spreading under the word of mouth, not only did Cai’er and Long Haochen gradually become exemplar that everyone looked up to, they were close to becoming a kind of belief. It had gotten so bad that after a discussion between Long Haochen and the members of the union, they had decided to stop the film from being played in the union. However, the experiences of him, Cai’er and the Bright Glimmer of Hope would continue to influence several generations of the union.

Just when Long Haochen and Cai’er had become people that everyone looked up to, they had instead arrived at the Knights’ Sacred Mountains under the accompaniment of Yang Haohan.

This was already the third time Long Haochen had come to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. He held very deep feelings for this holy land of the knights. The first time he had come here, he left with Haoyue. The second time he had come here, he left with Star King. After over a decade, he had gone from an ignorant boy to the chairman of the union. He had gone through a lot, given up a lot and gained a lot as well.

When they were around a thousand meters away from the mist that enveloped the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the dense aura of light there began to churn. Faint, golden mist actually drifted towards the three of them uncontrollably.

Long Haochen experienced a deep feeling of intimacy. The light element in the faint, golden mist rushed to him like a child had found its home.

Raising his left hand, Long Haochen smiled slightly. The gentle light element began to revolve around him automatically. Throughout the entire process, he did not release any of his own power. It had all happened naturally.

Yang Haohan who also happened to be a powerhouse of the light and a divine knight could not help but sigh in amazement at this sight. Long Haochen really did cultivate his light element spiritual energy to the limit! Even the light element treated him as a source of power.

Long Haochen suddenly raised his head and gazed into the depth of the mist. Immediately, the mist parted automatically like soldiers who had just received an order, forming a path. Three disabled old men quickly arrived where they were. The three old men were immediately surprised at the shock of the parting mist. This was the first time they had witnessed something like that.

However, when they saw Yang Haohan, they relaxed. To their greater surprise, the person who had influenced the mist of the mountain was not the Divine Knight of Defence and Planning. Instead, it was the young man by his side.

The Knights’ Sacred Mountain was basically cut off from the rest of the world. Although some of the elders here had seen Long Haochen before, it was only a small number of them. At the very least, it was the first time these three had seen him.

“Greetings, temple head Yang,” the three elders approached them and performed a standard knight’s salute to Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan and Long Haochen returned their gesture with the same salute at the same time.

“I must bother the elders. Please take us to the sealed cavern,” as Yang Haohan said that, he took out an insignia.

The insignia in his hand was completely sculpted from golden crystal. There were several inscriptions in the ancient elvish language.

Upon seeing the insignia, the elders bowed once more, before walking up and surrounding Long Haochen, Yang Haohan and Cai’er. They each took out a golden insignia as well.

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