Chapter 798: A God-slaying Strike (III)

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Chapter 798: A God-slaying Strike (III)

The dark pillar shone with an inky green light. The strangest thing about it was that as it shone, it rapidly lengthened, like a tree that was growing desperately. After just a short while, the pillar had exceeded a hundred meters. Branch-like objects began to grow from the pillar. It seemed just like a huge ent.

An inky-green figure also rose into the air and appeared in the sky. It immediately shone with a dense, green colour which enveloped towards the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

A domain.

Without a doubt, the figure that had suddenly appeared was the current commander of the demon base, the Tree Demon God who ranked twenty out of the seventy-two demon gods, Purson.

Since he could make the top twenty, he would definitely be a domain wielding powerhouse. And, this Tree Demon God’s fusion with his Demon God Pillar could be described as one of the best out of all the demon gods.

Purson was surprised when the base was suddenly attacked. As soon as he emerged from his tent, he sensed the terrifying pressure from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

He had experienced this pressure recently, which shocked him greatly at that time. Afterwards, he immediately passed this news onto Modu. Before long, Modu had ordered the other two demon gods who were stationed outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with him to return.

There was no news from Modu so far, but he could sense the humans were growing restless, and his majesty would definitely respond to it. However, he had never thought the war would begin so soon, and it would be the humans who would initiate it.

Looking at the huge divine throne in the sky, the Tree Demon God’s scalp tingle, because he had absolutely no idea just how powerful the divine throne was. And, in his understanding, this divine throne had never appeared before. The demons did not have any detailed records of it, apart from the fact that the humans had never used this Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation before!

However, as the commander, he still unleashed his Demon God Pillar as soon as possible after passing down a few quick commands. He also rose into the air and attacked Long Haochen. He needed to stop the pressure from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, or the demon army’s battle prowess would decrease drastically. The divine throne’s presence was equivalent to a wide range debuff!

Long Haochen hovered in the air, but he did not direct his attention towards Purson. He did not have to deal with the demon god that ranked twentieth.

Cai’er had already followed Shu Yongxiao to the edge of the demons a long time ago. As soon as Lin Xin’s attack had begun, Shu Yongxiao made a gesture to her, before silently infiltrating the base of the demons like a wisp of smoke.

Cai’er quickly followed Shu Yongxiao. She was very confident in her speed. She stuck closely behind this predecessor, just like her shadow. She would charge when Shu Yongxiao charged, and she would dodge when Shu Yongxiao dodged.

Very soon, all of the Flaming Meteors in the air had fallen and the demon camp had been alarmed. Large numbers of demons began to pour out from the tents. Some of the fiend and hell demon mages began to fight back. The armies that could fly also took off to enter the battle.

Shu Yongxiao’s advance did not slow down at all because of the appearance of these enemies. Instead, she moved even faster. Cai’er could vaguely see two straight daggers appear in Shu Yongxiao’s hands. They were like a pair of venomous snakes in her hands. Wherever she passed by, all the demons she brushed past would immediately freeze up. They would only collapse onto the ground when they were very far away.

Cai’er discovered that Shu Yongxiao’s attacks were extremely simple and straightforward. What made her admire the most was that when Shu Yongxiao attacked, there was no ripple of spiritual energy at all.

The daggers constantly moved around like black bolts of lightning. Whenever she attacked, she would never miss, and the location would be the same. Out of all the demons she passed by, everyone single one of them would gain a hole on their forehead, such that their brains were directly penetrated. Shu Yongxiao was just too confident in her attacks, such that she had had already brushed past her opponents before she could take their spiritual energy into account. The only way to destroy the killing process was skillful.

Cai’er followed behind her and paid close attention to her actions. Gradually, she discovered an interesting aspect. Shu Yongxiao’s seemingly rapid movements and attacks actually seemed to follow a special rhythm. Cai’er was unable to tell what this rhythm was, but it was like the constant thumping of drums. The drums would not be loud, but they seemed like they were accumulating something.

That was all Cai’er could sense. She was basically the strongest assassin of the Assassin Temple besides the Eternal Heroes, but after seeing how skilled Shu Yongxiao was, she could not help but feel inferior. Compared to this predecessor, just their level of skill existed a huge difference. In just a short while, over two hundred demons had lost their lives when Shu Yongxiao slipped past them.

Just what was she building up through this strange rhythm? It definitely wasn’t the power of her domain!

Just when Cai’er found this to be extremely strange, the Tree Demon God Purson appeared in the sky and unleashed green light towards Long Haochen.

It was also in that next moment that Cai’er finally understood what kind of power Shu Yongxiao was building up.

Purson’s appearances finally made Shu Yongxiao halt for a moment. She just happened to stop below Purson.

In just a single instant, Cai’er could clearly see Shu Yongxiao completely change. Blood-red light sones in her eyes and afterwards, she shot up. What she accumulated finally erupted. It was killing intent!

In the attacks earlier, Shu Yongxiao completely behaved like an undead, without giving off any aura at all. Cai’er had even thought that she did not possess the killing intent a usual assassin would possess due to being an undead. However, she suddenly understood in that moment that it was not that she did not have killing intent. Instead, she had controlled the killing intent, preventing it from radiating outwards.

This was the first time that Cai’er had seen killing intent with such colour. Shu Yongxiao’s killing intent was black, pitch-black. As a result, in the moment she rose into the air, her entire body was covered by that blackness. Regardless of the angle, it was impossible to tell that there was someone like her in the air.

What was even more terrifying was that only Cai’er could sense the killing intent Shu Yongxiao was giving off. Purson was unable to sense it at all in the air, because her killing intent had become tangible like a solid. It was impossible to discover it unless it actually made contact with a person.

No, it could not be described as a solid, because solids could not change in shape. It was not liquid either, because liquids would not be so firm either. It was more correct to describe it as gelatinous.

Cai’er had stopped following Shu Yongxiao. She had never thought killing intent could be used like this, especially in such a terrifyingly powerful way.

Shu Yongxiao’s movements did not seem especially fast, but to Cai’er’s shock, Purson who had been unleashing the domain the entire time failed to sense Shu Yongxiao arrive behind him. He just continued to send his domain towards Long Haochen.

Shu Yongxiao finally launched her attack. In that moment, even Cai’er who had been constantly paying attention to her movements felt like something happened to the sky. Afterwards, Purson’s domain automatically dispersed in the air.

A smear of pitch-black shot by and Purson froze in his spot. He did not move at all, but his aura vanished at an astonishing rate. Shu Yongxiao had completely vanished now, such that even Cai’er failed to find her. In the moment she had launched the attack, Shu Yongxiao had vanished.

It was just too terrifying. Despite also being an assassin, Cai’er could not help but feel chills run through her body. At the same time, she grasped something special.

As an assassin at the seventh rank of the ninth step, Shu Yongxiao did not give off any aura or presence from the beginning to the end of her attack. Even when the Tree Demon God had been attacked by her, the demon army below failed to realise anything. Even Cai’er who had been constantly paying attention to her and was very familiar with the abilities of assassins failed to capture where she was.

With a god-slaying strike, the world fell silent.

Something finally happened to Burson. He suddenly began to fall to the ground and the aura of his life also vanished in the moment he began to fall. Even his demon god crown did not appear. It meant that in that moment he died his demon god crown had already been shattered.

It was also at that moment that a hand suddenly landed on Cai’er’s shoulder. Cai’er basically reacted immediately, sweeping behind her with his Sickle of the God of Death. However, it missed, while the hand remained on her shoulder.

“Sister Shu,” Cai’er cried out. In that moment, her heart was filled with admiration towards Shu Yongxiao, “You really are just too powerful.”

No one saw when Shu Yongxiao had appeared behind Cai’er. The red light in her eyes had completely dimmed down when she struck out earlier. She had just killed a great powerhouse who ranked twentieth out of the demon gods in a single strike!

“Cai’er, the attack earlier used up around half of my power. Tell me, did you see anything”

As she said that, Shu Yongxiao turned around and twisted with lightning speed. There was not a single demon left behind in the radius of fifty meters.

Cai’er said seriously, “I saw the true essence of assassins.”

Shu Yongxiao did not seem to be very satisfied with Cai’er’s answer. She followed up with another question, “What’s the true essence of assassins then?”

Cai’er’s eyes gradually lit up and answered as she stared right into Shu Yongxiao’s eyes, “Mysteriousness, certain kill and a single strike.”

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