Chapter 799: Prelude to the Holy War (I)

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Chapter 799: Prelude to the Holy War (I)

Hearing Cai’er’s answer, Shu Yongxiao’s gaze softened once more, “Your understanding is alright. However, I must tell you and I must stress that the true essence of assassins isn’t three things, but one, which is a single strike.”

“The Tree Demon God’s cultivation is worse than mine. I have many ways to kill him. I don’t even need to use half of my strength. So why did I use my full strength, going as far as to expend so much yet use only a single attack? Think about it. This isn’t the true essence of assassins, but a habit that assassins should truly develop. There will never be a second assassin’s attack. Otherwise, it’s a failure.”

Shu Yongxiao did not say a lot, but just those words opened up a path that lead to the peak of assassination in Cai’er’s heart.

Shu Yongxiao looked at Long Haochen who hovered in the centre of the battlefield and her gaze changed slightly.

He must had discovered by attack. Otherwise, he would not have turned a blind eye to the Tree Deon God’s domain. However, how did he discover it?

Over the huge battlefield that included over two hundred thousand people, countless things would happen in a single moment. Just when Shu Yongxiao had killed the Tree Demon God, he took action.

A ball of green light lit up from his chest. Afterwards, the green light turned into a thick, dazzling beam of light in the dark night, directly shooting towards the Tree Demon God’s Demon God Pillar.

The green light shot through the sky as a beam, directly landing on the Demon God Pillar.

Immediately, the Demon God Pillar that had transformed threateningly into a huge ent seized up. Afterwards, it began to wither at an astonishing speed.

The green light lasted for three seconds. In the moment the light vanished, Long Haochen flashed with a layer of green light.

Long Haochen took a step in the sky and lines of purplish gold symbols appeared on his forehead. He sent a palm strike towards the top of the Demon God Pillar.

The sight that shocked the entire battlefield appeared. The Demon God Pillar began to tremble violently and afterwards, cracks appeared on it.

Originally, the cracks should not have been obvious in the night, but they shone with purplish golden light, so it only attracted attention.

With a great boom, the Demon God Pillar scattered into the surroundings as countless fragments. Long Haochen continued to remain in the sky boldly. A huge beam of milky-white Light of Judgement shot out at the same time, using his lofty figure and the mysterious Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to bring judgement to the several hundred personal tree demon guards that protected the Demon God Pillar below.

This was already the third Demon God Pillar Long Haochen had destroyed. Haoyue did not appear, but Long Haochen still possessed the power to destroy them.

The most important aspect of a battlefield was morale. With the Tree Demon God dead and the Demon God Pillar destroyed, the morale of the demon army was torn to shreds.

In the distance, the human army used the night to secretly kill their way over. They only needed ten minutes at most and the first wave of magic rained down on the centre of the demon base. The demon mages were unable to fight back under the pressure of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, nor were they able to lock onto the ninth step powerhouses in the air.

“I’ve saved up that ability just then,” Ye Xiaolei’s voice rang out in Long Haochen’s head. Afterwards, there was a flash of green light near his chest and a petite figure emerged from the light, landing on his shoulder.

She was three inches tall and as delicate as a jade sculpture. Her gentle aura of life was not powerful, but her deep, green eyes were filled with intelligence.

This was Ye Xiaolei now, as well as Long Haochen’s intelligent spiritual stove.

His light elemental fairy had turned into a Fairy Queen of Light, but he had gained a new fairy of god.

“You can save up techniques?” Long Haochen looked at Ye Xiaolei on his shoulder in great interest.

Ye Xiaolei giggled, “I’m an intelligent spiritual stove, so of course I’m the strongest. Not only can I save up all techniques of the nature element, I can also use your power to evolve them. In the future, you’ll learn more and more just how great of a help I can bring. For example, your domain technique of being able to control life has evolved drastically. Even the portion of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s power that has merged with me can evolve under my influence.”

Long Haochen smiled, “If I get the opportunity in the future, I will definitely find a suitable body for you. I still like you more when you were in the form of a human. It’s too tough on you for you to follow me around like this.”

Ye Xiaolei shook her head gently, “Thank you for your kind intentions, but you don’t understand. Although I was very happy when I lived in the Illusory Paradise, I didn’t have a sense of safety. I’m very happy when I follow you around. You can’t chase me away. If I really want to leave, I don’t need your help.”

When a huge, golden sword swept through a thousand meters and slew all the stronger hell demon mages who had managed to gather after so much difficulty, the demon army’s final ray of hope was snuffed out. It began to collapse heavily.

The human army had arrived at this time as well. It stabbed into the back like a real blade. Under Zhang Fangfang’s lead with his Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit, they began a full-powered attack.

Long Haochen remained in the air, controlling the situation, while the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the Eternal Heroes all focused their attacks where the demons fled. They did their best to deal with the defeated demon army that tried to flee. At the same time, they slowed them down.

The two hundred thousand demon soldiers were all the elites of the demons! Forcing them to stay behind would definitely deal a great blow to the demons. In particular, the main forces of the demon army were fiends and bear demons. Just how great of disaster would these two clans of great battle prowess cause for humans on regular battlefields?

The battle seemed like an easy victory, but just how many powerhouses had they used? They had used almost thirty powerhouses of the ninth step, with over twenty that could use domains. Even the Demon God Emperor would treat a force like that carefully, let alone a demon army led by a single demon god.

Of course, the demon army failed to unleash their full battle prowess as well. If it were not for the element of surprise, it would take quite a toll on the humans to defeat them if they had sufficient time to react.

They fought all the way until it was daytime. The human army also pursued for a hundred and fifty kilometers. In the end, they managed to kill a hundred and fifty thousand enemies. Only several tens of thousand demons managed to escape.

Among the humans, the person with the most kills was not the mage Lin Xin, but Yating.

The Rain of Flaming Meteors covered the largest range out of all the attacks used in battle, but it did not kill as quickly as Yating! Her King’s Sword Domain swept through the demons. Not a single one of them could stop her attack. Within the disordered army, just a single sweep of her hundred-meter-long sword would lead to several hundred casualties. Yating had probably killed over ten thousand enemies just by herself. Even many of the Eternal Heroes who had seen many things in their eyes could not help but glance at her in fear. Yating’s ability was special and her cultivation was powerful as well. Coupled with the fact that she was a fairy, the Eternal Heroes had not chosen her for their legacy, but her killing power and almost endless spiritual energy had greatly shocked the Eternal Heroes.

In comparison, basically none of the Eternal Heroes had used their full strength. Instead, they served more of a role of supporting the Bright Glimmer of Hope, leaving the glory all to them. This was also an aspect that arose from the experience of the Eternal Heroes. Who knew what could happen in battle? If the enemy suddenly gained reinforcements, just how powerful would the reinforcements be? They maintained their strength to deal with these possible changes.

This could be described as an unprecedented, great victory for the humans against the demons.

Over the past six thousand years, the temple alliance obviously was victorious in a few battles, but in order to prevent any full strength retaliations from the demons, not only did the humans rarely launch the attack, they would not pursue the demons either when they retreated.

However, the situation was different now. The addition of the Eternal Heroes, the destruction of the two title demon hunt squads and the gathering of over fifty demon gods ready for attack had changed it all. The union obviously had no need in holding back. Damaging the demons as much as possible was the objective of this human army. They were to beat the demons until even the Demon God Emperor was pained, so they could completely attract the main force of the demons and bring the final battle to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

After a whole knight of fighting, even people with vocations would feel exhausted. Long Haochen ordered the army to rest within a forest in the territory of the demons. At the same time, he let Han Yu to lead all the horses over. He also gathered the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the Eternal Heroes for a meeting.

A detailed map written on sheepskin was unfurled. Long Haochen crouched down on the ground and pointed on the map, “We’re here right now. In the battle earlier, we basically destroyed the entire force that the demon had stationed outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Our army hasn’t suffered significant losses under the healing of the priests.”

The army’s battle prowess was even greater than what Long Haochen had been expecting. The six vocations from the six temples merged together perfectly. It also demonstrated the absolute advantage that existed when multiple vocations worked together.

“Continue the advance to the east and we’ll enter the Sa Demon Province. The Sa Demon Clan is a relatively weaker clan among the demons. Apart from being resistant to the cold, they basically aren’t very powerful in battle. In the past battles and wars, they’ve basically served as the logistics for the demons stationed at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Han Yu, have you passed on the news to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass?”

Han Yu nodded, ‘I’ve already reported back with the victory as quickly as possible. The mountain pass should send people to clean up the battlefield very soon and collect the spoils of war. The demons have poor facilities to store food. In particular, they aren’t very good at storing food like seafood.”

Long Haochen smiled, “The Sa Demon Province is one of the furthest provinces from the centre of the demon’s territory.”

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