Chapter 846: The Fire God Pillar of Dragons and Phoenixes (II)

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Chapter 846: The Fire God Pillar of Dragons and Phoenixes (II)

The wonders of the Tower of Eternity were not just limited to attacking and sealing. Demon gods were unable to access their demon god pillars within the Tower of Eternity as well! In the past, Long Haochen had used his method to kill the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. Now, Cai’er achieved it with even more familiarity.

When Barbatos saw Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er vanish together, he immediately sensed that it was bad. Beleth was already injured, while he and the Demon God of Emotion Sytry had yet to undergo their demon god transformations as well, which affected their strength heavily. While the Angel Demon God Paimon had a very strong cultivation, ranked ninth among the demon gods, he was similar to Sytry and Beleth in that he was skilled in magic and not close combat.

On the other hand, Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan were both close combat powerhouses. In particular, Cai’er was as fast as lightning and they were also in her territory. Coupled with the support of the twelve holy guards, it was evident what would happen to the three trapped demon gods.

If Cai’er succeeded and killed the ninth, twelfth and thirteenth demon gods, that would affect the entire battlefield! There were only twenty demon gods present in total and they would have slain four of them that ranked higher up.

Barbatos understood he could no longer afford to hold back anymore. He was the royal servant of the Demon God Emperor, so the Demon God Emperor’s will had always been his command. At this moment, he did not attack anyone else. Instead, he quickly flew up higher to undergo his demon god transformation.

A huge figure of light appeared behind Barbatos. It was a huge lion, but the lion had a total of three heads. The centre was a lion’s head, the head to the left belonged to a panther, while the one to the right was a tiger’s head. The three heads roared out at the same time and the Force Demon God Barbatos fused into the huge figure.

The light subsided and he became clad in magnificent armour. The armour shone with a dark golden gleam. The most eye-catching part of the armour were the panther’s head, lion’s head and tier’s head on his chest.

Barbatos slowly drew the bow in his hand. His terrifying power immediately rose to the limit as the three heads on his chest turned into three long arrows, all shining with intense, dark golden light. His target was the Tower of Eternity.

It was also at this moment that there was a sudden whistle in the air. Barbatos’ heart shivered instinctively, but he could not stop at that moment, or everything would have gone to waste.

Barbatos let out a furious roar. The figure from earlier appeared once more. At the same time, his body forcefully shifted to over three hundred meters away and his demon god pillar in the distance emitted a heavy rumble.

A streak of seven-coloured light immediately shot by. It missed Barbatos. The attack came from Ye Sanmi who also wielded a bow. At the same time, Barbatos released his finger and three, dark golden arrows shot towards the Tower of Eternity.

The three arrows conjured a panther’s head, a lion’s head and a tiger’s head respectively as they sailed through the air. When they landed on the Tower of Eternity, the heads had all grown to ten meters wide.

With three heavy booms, the Tower of Eternity was forcefully knocked into the air. As it shone with white light, a large series of cracks actually appeared to one side. Even though the cracks healed themselves rapidly, there was dark golden light in the cracks that prevented them from closing up as well.

The Barbatos drew his bow once more.

With a flash, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan and the three demon gods appeared outside at the same time. Barbatos had managed to save them in time. Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan combined with the twelve holy guards definitely possessed an upper hand over the Demon God of Emotion and Sound Demon God who had yet to undergo their demon god transformations. However, time did not permit them to kill the three demon gods. The Tower of Eternity was facing an emergency.

The Tower of Eternity was the only thing that the Holy Necrmancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux had left for Cai’er. Of course she would not let it be destroyed. Moreover, the Tower of Eternity contained the twelve holy guards. If it really was destroyed, the twelve holy guards would all perish as well.

With no other choice, Cai’er could only transport everyone outside.

Sytry and Beleth dared not to waste any time at all. They immediately completed their demon god transformations and also caught their breaths. They launched attacks at Cai’er simultaneously under Paimon’s lead.

Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er looked at each other. With a flash, Wang Yuanyuan lunged towards Barbatos once more. The blood-red light in her eyes became particularly dense.

Out of the two battle tactics, one had succeeded, while the other had failed. However, they did manage to kill a demon god. After a momentary rest, Lin Xin had also stepped on the battlefield once more. He directly appeared behind Wang Yuanyuan, forming the optimum combination of a warrior and a mage. They fought against Barbatos together.

When the Bright Glimmer of Hope took action, the Eternal Heroes and the powerhouses of the various temples all erupted with their full strength.

The Demon God Emperor’s demon god pillar had suddenly vanished. Anybody could guess that the Demon God Emperor had used his demon god transformation and was borrowing the power of his demon god pillar to fend off Long Haochen, so they obviously swelled with confidence, while the might of the demons was heavily affected.

The balanced situation became much more intense with the eruption of strength from the powerhouses of the Temple Union. Just as Cai’er used both her battle tactics, the demons had lost five Devil Dragons, two Moon Demons and a Star Demon, while the humans lost four Eternal Heroes.

Not only did the Eternal Heroes play a decisive role in this battlefield, they lead the human powerhouses whenever they charged as well. The Eternal Heroes would always be able to free up themselves whenever other powerhouses of the Temple Union were in danger. They would even extinguish their soulfires as a consequence to block their enemy’s attacks.

However, they did not die for nothing. Basically every Eternal Hero would pull a ninth step opponent down with them.

Less than a half of the thousand eighth step demon powerhouses remained. There were only around four hundred of them. However, the magic cannons on the side of the humans weakened drastically as well. Having been overloaded, over a third of them had their firing chambers destroyed, while the human powerhouses controlling the cannons never seemed to consider that overloading the magic cannons would threaten themselves.

There was a sixth step knight who fired a magic cannon at full force and blasted an eighth step demon to death. The magic cannon overheated, so the knight actually clad himself with spiritual energy and lunged at the cannon while telling his companions to continue firing. He clutched the barrel of the cannon, using his own spiritual energy to cool it off.

In the end, he was charred to death on the magic cannon, but the magic cannon was able to fire once again. Perhaps due to the sacrifice of their companion, the new gunner had just as accurate, killing another eighth step demon powerhouse. It was also at this moment that the magic cannon finally gave way to the heat and pressure and exploded loudly.

As a great hole was created in the thick walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, a total of six brave knight died as well, including the gunner and the people who were about to replace him.

They used their lives and their spirit as knights to valiantly protect the honour of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and the future of the humans. They were all true heroes.

This basically happened in every gunport that held a magic cannon on the wall. The more powerful the magic crystal was, the more likely the magic cannon would blown its chamber after consecutive firing.

The ultimate magic cannon powered by Samigina’s demon god crown was affected by this in particular. Although it did not blow its chamber due to the precious materials it was built from, the surroundings would become incomparably hot when it fired. It also required someone to aim with the cannon in order to achieve maximum damage.

The magic cannon had already been fired a total of four times. In order to increase accuracy, it required four human powerhouses controlling it each time, with at least a mage among them.

Perhaps the gunners had no idea about the consequences when they fired it the first time, but what about the other three times?

Before the second round of gunners approached this magic cannons, they took off their clothes with composure, bit their thumbs and wrote a few words on them, before passing it to their brother below to give it to their families.

Their letters written in blood were very simple.

The main gunner wrote, “My dear wife, tell our son that his father’s firing cannons and doing good for humanity.”

The mage wrote, “Donate all of my assets to the Mage Temple.”

The two secondary gunners wrote, “I love you, my dear daughter,” and “Child, your father’s a hero.”

After leaving behind these letters, the four of them proceeded to fire the cannon without any hesitation. The magic cannon blasted once more and killed off a Devil Dragon, while the four heroes were sacrificed in the process as well.

Their deaths were no different from the Eternal Heroes and ninth step powerhouses that fell in battle outside. A notion of strength did not exist between heroes.

They knew it would cost them their lives, yet they still proceeded without hesitation. Every single powerhouse of the Temple Union had used their blood and final portion of energy to fight for the survival of humanity. Their deaths weighed as heavy as mountains.

After this battle that would determine the survival of humans, the battle of Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass would exceed the battles of the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass in importance. It would be renamed as the Heroes’ Mountain Pass. At the same time, the three forts would all erect plaques of heroes, and sing praises amount these heroes who had offered up their precious lives for the future of humanity.

Hiss! An ear-piercing sound rang out from a corner of the battlefield and a huge figure suddenly turned in the air, before colliding against the ground below.

A dark green figure pursued like a spectre. Due to moving too quickly, he seemed completely like a blur. However, when he fell downwards, a series of cracks appeared in the space behind him.

The falling figure in the air happened to be Sima Xian, while the one pursuing him was the tenth demon god, the Lightning Demon God Buer.

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