Chapter 855: Has-drugs Bro’s Black Flames (III)

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Chapter 855: Has-drugs Bro’s Black Flames (III)

The Demon God Emperor’s huge dragon tail had already arrived. It was also at this moment that the wondrous, polycoric Eye of Brahm? lit up. The purplish gold and translucent white light, two completely different auras, opposites as a matter of fact, erupted in the air. It collided against the Demon God Emperor’s colossal body.s

The current Demon God Emperor had already recovered his peak condition, while Long Haochen had only recovered thirty percent of his spiritual energy. Under such a disparity of strength, the results should have been obvious.

However, strength did not necessarily dictate the outcome. It was completely impossible for the human powerhouses to save Long Haochen, because they were not powerful enough to intervene on this battle that was almost between two gods. They did not have the time either.

Cai’er immediately shut her eyes. Her body trembled heavily, to the point where it almost interfered with the boosting.

It was also in the next moment that a deafening howl rang out.

When she heard the howl, Cai’er immediately opened her eyes again. She knew Long Haochen just too well. The howl did not come from Long Haochen! She could clearly distinguish Long Haochen’s voice from others’.

When Cai’er looked up at the sky again, she was completely stunned, because she was blood scattered everywhere. She could not see the colour of the blood clearly, but she could see huge chunks of scales that were even larger than millstones fall down from the sky.

The huge eye gradually faded away in the sky, while the Demon God Emperor’s tail had been completely blown away. The scales and blood originated from a terrifyingly huge wound on the tail.

The Demon God Emperor was actually injured, and his wounds seemed rather heavy as well, while Long Haochen’s Eye of Brahm? was bit affected in the process at all. The clear contrast seemed unbelievable!

The Moon Demon God Agares and the Star Demon God Vassago looked at each other. They could see each other’s intense fear. What they worried about the most had still ended up happening. If it were not for the appearance of this power, how was it possible for Long Haochen to harm the Demon God Emperor who was in his peak condition?

The Eye of Brahm? slowly faded away in the air, while the Demon God Emperor was now several thousand meters away from Long Haochen. His colossal figure rapidly strunk and in the blink of an eye, Fengxiu appeared before Long Haochen in human form once more. His left calf was bloody, clearly the area that had been injured earlier.

Long Haochen’s figure appeared once more. The only different part about him was that while he held the Sword of Eternity and Creation in his left hand, another sword had appeared in his right hand. It was a huge, purplish golden sword.

In terms of size, the new sword was the same as the Sword of Eternity and Creation. It shone with subdued purplish golden light, while there were eight, dim imprints of different colour on the huge blade. The strangest part about it was that the sword guard was composed of eight heads, protecting Long Haocehn’s right hand.

Currently, the dark golden markings on Long Haochen’s forehead shone brightly, like a strange eye. His aura had changed drastically as well.

The smooth, gentle power of creation only took up half of his aura. The other half was a terrifying aura filled with surging fighting intent. Combined with the terrifying aura was an unmatched feeling of hatred. The hatred was directed towards the Demon God Emperor near Long Haochen.

Looking at the purplish golden sword in Long Haochen’s hands, the Demon God Emperor’s pupils had narrowed to the size of a dot. He raised his hand nad pointed at Long Haochen, his body actually trembled gently.

“Y- you… I- it’s actually still alive…” The Demon God Emperor stuttered slightly. His voice was filled with disbelief, as if he was about to collapse.

Long Haochen looked at the Demon God Emperor coldly. A faint, purple colour rippled through the depths of his golden pupils, “I never said that Haoyue’s dead. Do you think that killing me was enough to kill him back then? You’ve underestimated Haoyue’s vitality, and you’ve also underestimated how consolidated by soulforce is.”

When he reached there, he could not help but thank Elux. If it were not for the Tower of Eternity, his soul probably would have dispersed back then. If it were not for Elux’s existence, he would not be standing here today, finally suppressing the Demon God Emperor who had reigned over the Shengmo Dalu for six thousand years.

In that moment, Long Haochen had completely forgiven the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. The past was the past. The best way he could repay Elux was to break out of this age of darkness and return humanity to a period of peace and development.

A strange light suddenly lit up in the Demon GOd Emperor’s eyes as he looked at the Purplish God Haoyue Sword. He murmured, “Eight heads, eight heads. It’s still just eight heads. Austin Griffin hasn’t awakened completely. We still have a chance. Agares, Vassago, what are you waiting for? Do you really plan on waiting until Austin Griffin has awakened and this world is destroyed?”

As he said that, the Demon God Emperor suddenly pulled back, pulling further away from Long Haochen, His Devil Dragon Sword appeared in his hand again. Pointing the huge sword forwards, a dark golden disc appeared behind him. It was black in the centre, while the outskirts were faint, reddish gold. The Demon God Emperor’s black pupils when he was in human form also turned red.

Agares and Vassago looked at each other and determination flooded their eyes. The two demon gods rose into the sky at the same time. As they ascended, the purple moon formed from Agares’ twelve wings became brighter and brighter, while Vassago gained a huge, orangey-red star behind him.

Long Haochen’s expression remained the same when he saw the two demon gods react so suddenly. Before the battle had begun, he had already anticipated this would happen once he used Haoyue’s power.

This was also why the battle had lasted for so long and an important reason as to why Long Haochen had refused Haoyue’s assistance the entire time and faced against the Demon God Emperor alone. What he worried about the most was the demon gods treating him as a common enemy and working together, including the Moon Demon God Agares who had always favoured his side.

Of course it was impossible for him to not use Haoyue’s powers at all. Instead, he purposely delayed it as much as possible, so the battle of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass could develop to a certain degree.

Long Haochen had already achieved most of what he wanted. As the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had not been trying at all, the powerhouses of the Temple Union did not suffer too greatly. Instead, they even manged to gain a small advantage, especially when the Bright Glimmer of Hope used the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills and weakened the demon forces further. Now that the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had both joined Long Haochen’s battle, the humans would instead gain an upper hand over the demons. After all, it had freed up two great powerhouses of the seventh rank of the ninth step and a peak ninth rank of the ninth step Lin Xin.

However, whether it was the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God or Star Demon God, none of them seemed to care about what happened below anymore. When Long Haochen saw the determination in Agares and Vassago’s eyes, he could not help but wonder just what made them fear Haoyue so much, such that even the Moon Demon God who had clearly drifted away from the Demon God Emperor would change his mind at such a crucial moment.

“The three luminaries, the sun, the moon and the stars,” the Demon God Emperor bellowed out. Raising the Devil Dragon Sword high into the air, a sharp stream of dark golden light surged into the sky from his body.

Agares and Vassago moved as well. Agares raised his pair of crescent blades, and a stream of purple light shot into the air.

As Vassago ascended through the air, he had completed his demon god transformation. A set of orangey-red robes shining with starlight covered his body, while a magic staff of starlight appeared in his right hand. The oval-shaped gemstone on the very top of the staff has six glimmering meeting lines. When he raised the staff, a great stream of orangey-red light surged into the sky.

The three colours were different, but their power and terrifying light formed a triangle around Long Haochen, enveloping him from all sides.

However, Long Haochen instead performed an action that both infuriated and confused the three demon gods. He did not pay any attention to them at all, instead looking down and yelling to the human powerhouses, “Clean up the battlefield. Victory to the union.”

The eight simple words indicated that Long Haochen did not require their help, which made Lin Xin and the Bright Glimmer of Hope halt as they rose up.

Lin Xin looked back at Cai’er, “Vice-captain, what do we do?”

Cai’er gritted her teeth, “We do as he says. Let’s clean up the battlefield first. Once we deal with the problems here, we can go help him.”

“Alright.” Lin Xin’s smiled vanished. It was replaced by seriousness. A deep chant appeared as the Eternal Dragon’s Fire in his hand moved towards a strange rhythm.

Behind him, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er, Sima Xian, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang all felt their spiritual energy being drawn away by Lin Xin at an astonishing speed. Without a doubt, he was using a major move again. It would be even more powerful than the Eclipse of Navagraha.

The black sun over Lin Xin’s head finally began to expand, only stopping when it reached thirty meters across.

There was a rather hoarse phoenix’s cry. Afterwards, with a sway of Lin Xin’s body, dense, black light surged out from his chest, before entering the black sun above.

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