Chapter 866: Haoyue’s Counterattack (II)

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Chapter 866: Haoyue’s Counterattack (II)

The Devil Dragon Pillar emitted a bellow from the Demon God Emperor that was almost crazy. The dark golden light immediately surged into the sky, as if it really did reach the limits of the sky. A dense, dark golden light immediately covered Haoyue’s body, causing him to pause despite trying to take action earlier.

Afterwards, a purple moon and orange star lit up at the same time in the sky. This was the power of the Moon Demon God Pillar and Star Demon God Pillar.

The three demon gods immediately formed the core array of the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. The three demon god pillars trapped Austin Griffin inside firmly.

At the same time, the seventeen other demon god pillars flew over. Beams of light connected them together, forming a huge cage-like structure in the air, sealing Austin Griffin inside. Each demon god pillar shone with different light as well. The purple colour from Austin Griffin was actually torn to shreds within the cage.

The God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was originally created to deal with Austin Griffin’s powers, so everything about it obviously opposed him. At the same time, streaks of light lit up in the distance. Demon god pillars actually ripped through space and appeared before the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass one after another. Whether it were the demon god pillars that had remained within the demon territory to protect them, or the demon god pillars that Samigina and Marbas had taken with them to attack the Southeastern Fort and Myriade Beasts Mountain Pass, all of them had gathered in that moment.

This was what the Demon God Emperor had been preparing. As the leader of the seventy-two demon gods, what he wanted to do was to unleash the powers of all the demon gods and recreate the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens.

Austin Griffin hovered there silently, as if he had actually become trapped by the great array. He just watched as the demon god pillars appeared one by one, before merging into the huge cage, trapping his body there.

This was the true, most terrifying power that the demons possessed! Just the aura made the powerhouses of the Temple Union feel that it was impossible to contend against. Only now did Long Haochen understand just how great of a loss it was to the demons that the Moon Demon God’s betrayal would be. As the one in control of the Moon Demon God, if he joined the humans’ side, it would mean that even the Demon God Emperor would not be able to use the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. That was because the array was based off the combined powers of the Devil Dragon Pillar, Moon Demon God Pillar and Star Demon God Pillar. If Agares refused to take part, the array could not be created. However, was the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens really able to retrain Haoyue?

After all, not all the demon god pillars remained! When Long Haochen lead he Bright Glimmer of Hope against the demons in the past, he had destroyed several of them already. Thinking of it now, Austin Griffin really had taken preventative measures ahead of time. Could the incomplete God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens really destroy him?

Scorn appeared in the depths of Austin Griffin’s eyes. He slowly raised his right hand and extended his index finger, waggling it gently.

“I’ve said that the past won’t repeat itself. Since I’m bold enough to stand in your completed formation, I’m obviously not afraid of this God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens or whatever it’s called. The array’s not even complete, but even if it was, so what? The reason why I had suffered so much last time was because I was completely unprepared and there were a large number of human powerhouses powering the domain. After all these years, your array is no longer the same as before. The blood and essence from all the humans back then has already dispersed. My master, let me give you a great gift. I’ll destroy the foundations of the Demon Race first.”

As he said that, Austin Griffin’s grew eyes suddenly lit up. The great light immediately expanded. At the same time, a purple, hazy light expanded from his body as well.

The cage in the air actually expanded with Austin Griffin’s actions. In the next moment, the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin, demonstrated its true terror to everyone.

A purple sun suddenly seemed to appear within the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. The intense purple light immediately drowned out all the magnificent colours from all the demon god pillars. The purple light showed no signs of subsiding wherever it engulfed. A terrifyingly colossal figure appeared in the air, within the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens.

The God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera had finally revealed its original form, its terrifying original form.

The Demon God Emperor was already terrifying enough when he unleashed his true form as a Devil Dragon Emperor, but compared to Austin GRiffin right now, the Demon God Emperor seemed like a child.

Ten thousand meters. That’s right, it was a colossal body over ten thousand meters long! It was like a city had suddenly appeared in the air.

The colossal body was covered in huge scales that spanned several dozen meters across. Its four thick limbs seemed like it could make the ground collapse at any time.

A huge pair of wings unfurled, also spanning almost ten thousand meters. The most terrifying part about it was that nine, huge heads protruded from its thick neck.

Long Haochen found the shape of each huge head so familiar. He had personally watched each one of them grow, but now, the nine heads seemed so foreign, because every single one of them had lost their original colour. All that was left was the greyness filled with destruction and madness.

Long Haochen found the head in the very centre the most foreign. In the past, when he first met Haoyue, it only had Little Fire. Afterwards, from fusing with his blood, Little Light appeared. The two heads had always been in the centre of Haoyue’s heads, yet now, another head had actually appeared between Little Fire and Little Light. It was completely grey and almost twice as large as all the other heads. A heavy aura of death constantly shone from its eyes, while the gazes of the eight other heads would reflected the same thing in the central head.

Little Light and Little Fire were parted to the left and right, followed by the other heads. It really was not Haoyue any longer. Although Haoyue possessed one body and had almost a single mind, there were still eight souls after all. Now, only Austin Griffin’s soul remained. There was only one, the one that represented destruction.

As soon as the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed Chimera, Austin Griffin had exposed its colossal original form, the spacious God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens became filled to the brim. Every single demon god pillar that formed the array lit up as the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God powered them.

Terrifying pressure permeated the sky. The pressure was so great that it pushed all the powerhouses below the ninth step to the ground, unable to move. Even the ninth step powerhouses were barely able to remain on their feet.

A few hours had already passed since this holy war had begun. No one had imagined that it would develop like this in the end. The final, strongest opponent was not actually the Demon God Emperor who lead the demons, but Long Haochen’s mount and companion.

This was an unbelievable sight, but it did happen, while the demons right now were doing everything they could to seal Austin Griffin. The humans were unable to do anything. The demons turned out to be so terrifying when they worked together. No wonder they did not have the power to create or produce. They were not a race in the first place, but a terrifying array assembled from seventy-two divine tools!

The human powerhouses could not assist with the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. But at this moment, Long Haochen was not actually paying atteniton to Austin Griffin who was trapped in the air. Instead, he looked back.

His gaze first landed on his mother. Bai Yue was unconscious due to becoming overly emotional earlier. It was Cai’er who was supporting her, using her power of purification to protect her future mother-in-law.

When Long Haochen turned around, Cai’er saw his eyes as well. For some reason, Cai’er’s heart seemed to skip a beat.

Long Haochen’s gaze was v ery calm and very gentle. At the same time, it was filled with attachment and reluctance. Suddenly. Cai’er seemed to understand something. Fear filled her eyes, “No, Haochen, don’t!” However, there was nothing she could do now. Even with her cultivation, she was unable to break free from the terrifying pressure from Austin Griffin and the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. She had been immobilised by the pressure. All she could do was use the power of her domain to protect Bai Yue and herself.

Long Haochen shook his head at her gently. His lips moved, as if he was mouthing something to Cai’er. Cai’er could only see the shape of his lips, but she immediately understood what he was saying. Tears immediately flowed out, turning into countless, tiny specks of water element that dispersed in the air under the great pressure.

Long Haochen then looked to his father. Long Xingyu was completely immobilised as well. When Long Haochen’s eyes landed on his body, he said something to him as well.

Long Xingyu understood as well. The Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial who had been so tough in the past was now covered in tears as well. However, there was nothing he could do either.

Long Haochen glanced past every single member from the Bright Glimmer of Hope, before glancing past the powerhouses of the Temple Union and the Eternal Heroes. Every single one of them could see the reluctance in his eyes, but they gradually saw his determination as well.

“Long Haochen, we can’t last much longer. I never thought that you would be accompanying me to the next world. However, I feel very happy to be able to hear you refer to me as grandfather.”

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