CSG and LGS Dual Hosted at www.hostednovel.com!

If you were in my discord server, you would have known that I have been thinking about moving over to a website with other translators.

I’ve decided to dual host CSG and LGS on https://hostednovel.com/

CSG and LGS won’t be going leaving justatranslatortranslations any time soon, but it may happen in the near future.

So, definitely do check out the two novels on Hosted Novel, as the website was designed to optimise the reading experience. If you think Hosted Novel lacks any features that you would like, do let me know and I’ll bring it up with the tech.

Oh and also, there is a light mode on Hosted Novel for you demons readers who asked for one.

3 thoughts on “CSG and LGS Dual Hosted at www.hostednovel.com!

  1. Took me a while to find night mode, it’s not available on the main page for example.

    I wouldn’t mind some kind of filter option on the release page to show only the releases of selected novels, rather than a top 20 of all novels.


  2. Just a small reminder for the translator. If you do decide to teach the viewer about the right phrasing/word or meaning. Please try to separate it from the text so it is obvious. For example, with a pair of dashes before and after. To indicate, this part isn’t part of the story/chapter.


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