Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 533!

Chapter 533

Last chapter of the volume! He is the Lord of the Clear River Waters!

So what did y’all think about this volume?

During my first read-through, this was actually one of my least favourite volumes.

If you share that sentiment, let’s hope the story gets better from here on out for you!

If you don’t share that sentiment, let’s hope the next few volumes can uphold the same standard of quality and leave you just as satisfied (I know it definitely did with me).

I’ll be updating the contents page tomorrow for this volume.

4 thoughts on “Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 533!

  1. I liked this volume
    The fact that he is on both side (or on not any side) is realy cool, but I’m very excited to see what will come next !

    You should add “End of the Volume” At the end of the chapter, it always make the thing more badass 😀

    Thx for chap !
    (Sry if my english is bad)

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    1. But I think it’s time for some secluded cultivation to get some boost, because he kinda already done everything he has to do as an EF / Daemon general


  2. Thanks for the translation as always, this volume actually felt really short for me, but it wasn’t bad it is a transition one, he changes in here, but he doesn’t make the full one, is like he gets to the middle point, he is clearly beyond a Daemon General and regular Fundation cultivator but still not yet in the Gold core stage or Daemon Commander. I like the fact that since the beguinning the author told us this was going to be a really long path in cultivation, meaning there is no redundency in his progression.

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  3. Kinda have to agree with you. I thoughts the fights were nice for the most part but it was missing something compared to prior volumes. I think earlier volumes had more intrigue with characters plotting and planning against each other where as the content of this volume was more straightforward and predictable. Good fights are nice but the mind games are where its at. Kind of why Reverend Insanity is my favorite. Also, gotta be honest I don’t care about any of the waifus and hope the author doesn’t spend too much time on it. I like the dynamic between him and Ru Xin because she is a troll, but I don’t think their relationship has to change. As an aside, its nice to see the MC get stronger, but hopefully not to a point where he brushes aside any potential conflict easily. Thanks for the quick releases!


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