Chapter 2758: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (Three)

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Chapter 2758: The Major Backer of the Hundred Saint City (Three)

The guards around the teleportations all looked at the three figures in the teleportation formation with doubt and curiosity, but very soon, one of the guards who seemed like the leader there suddenly changed in expression, because he managed to recognise one of them. He was a vice hall master of the fifth divine hall from the ten great divine halls, Bing Yuan!

Recognising him, the leader immediately shuddered. He bowed in utmost respect and called out, “Greetings from the vice commander of the city guards of the Darknight City, Le Fei, vice hall master!”

His voice was very loud, as if he was reminding the soldiers in the surroundings.

Just as expected, the other guards around the teleportation formation all changed in expression from what vice commander Le Fei said. Without any more hesitation, they all bowed like Le Fei, but their hearts were churning.

A vice hall master of the ten divine halls. A person without a certain level of status or identity would not even be able to meet a figure of such lofty status in their entire lives. They wondered just what was going on today. First, the seventh hall master had come to the Darknight City, and now, a vice hall master of the fifth divine hall had come as well.

In just one short day, so many important figures had come to the Darknight City. This rarely ever happened throughout the history of the thirty-six major cities of the Darkstar race.

“May I ask if there is any way this lowly one can serve you, vice hall master?” Le Fei asked carefully. He glanced past the two other people who stood beside Bing Yuan in respect and doubt. He was rather troubled as he was uncertain who they were.

This was because he only knew Bing Yuan out of the three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall.

When the fifth divine hall was in charge, only the weakest out of the three vice hall masters, Bing Yuan, would travel everywhere running errands, which was why a few more leaders and commanders recognised Bing Yuan.

“I don’t need you right now. Just do your assigned job,” Bing Yuan said nonchalantly, before taking off with Tarot and Dou Wujin.

“Vice commander, who are the two beside the vice hall master? They seem like they have quite some status.” Some soldiers asked quietly after the three of them had departed.

The vice commander’s gaze remained fixed on the three figures in the distance as he said sternly, “I’ve never seen them before, but seeing how they stand with their heads held high beside the vice hall master, and how they all seem to be on equal footing, I’d say they should be vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall as well.”

“What? They’re all vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall? The fifth divine hall only has three vice hall masters, so that’s all of them? Oh right, there was someone else who left as soon as he had arrived. Who’s he?” A soldier said in surprise.

The vice commander was shocked. He seemed to have guessed the identity of the person who had taken off first. His heart began to shake.

The number of crucial points still sealed in the Hundred Saint City decreased, while the rate at which they were being exposed increased as well. There were twenty left, then ten, then five…

Finally, after half an hour, all of the formations in the Hundred Saint City left by the Darkstar race had been destroyed. The various organisations had now all regained control over the crucial points for activating the formations of the Hundred Saint City.

They did not pause at all. After regaining control over all the crucial points, the people from these organisations immediately filled them up with divine crystals. These divine crystals were no longer thumb-sized, but one-meter cubes.

Every block of supreme grade divine crystal was a one meter cube. Just one of them was equivalent to a million supreme grade divine crystals.

Every single crucial point, all ninety-nine of them, were filled with several hundred blocks of supreme grade divine crystals.

If they were converted to the normal standard, then each crucial point contained several hundred million divine crystals.

It was an astronomical sum in total.

However, behind the Hundred Saint City were several dozen peak organisations of the Saints’ World. As a result, while the number of divine crystals that went into activating the formations seemed terrifying, it was basically like a tiny droplet in the ocean in the eyes of these peak organisations.

As a matter of fact, it did not even match a tiny droplet in the ocean for some of them.

“We’ve filled the crucial points with sufficient divine crystals, so use your bloodlines and activate the formations!” A prodigy called out in a victorious joy.

Once the formations of the Hundred Saint City were completely activated, they would be safe. There would basically be no threat to their lives anymore.

The formations of the Hundred Saint City were enough to stop the stronger Infinite Primes of the Darkstar race temporarily.

And with the time the formations could provide, they could repair the teleportation formation in the city, allowing them to leave if they wished.

They now stood firmly in the Hundred Saint City.

The several dozen prodigies hovered in the air. Energy surged from them as they formed seals with both hands, using secret techniques to activate the defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City.

At the same time, droplets of essence blood flew out from them. Each droplet divided into ninety-nine portions and landed on the ninety-nine crucial points.

The strongest defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City could not be activated by any person. Aside from requiring the corresponding secret techniques, they required a droplet of essence blood from a bloodline they recognised as well.

The formations could not be activated if even a single component was missing.

As they used their secret techniques, the ninety-nine crucial points located throughout the entire city immediately erupted with blinding light. The crucial points had been activated now. The tremendous amounts of divine crystals placed in them vanished at an unbelievable rate, turning into pure, vast energy which was absorbed by the crucial points.

The ninety-nine crucial points were like a key, a key for opening the defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City.

The activation of these crucial points was equivalent to turning this key, as if it was undoing a seal somewhere hidden in the city.

Immediately, the entire city trembled. A colossal sea of energy deep below the city seemed like it had suddenly been freed from ice, turning into raging rivers which permeated the entire place instantly. The entire city immediately lit up, emanating with extremely powerful pulses of energy.

At the same time, layers upon layers of transparent barriers began to form over the city, draping down and enveloping the entire place.

There were many layers of barriers. In just a short instance, over a dozen had appeared, and that was not all. As time went on, even more barriers formed one after another. In just a few seconds, over fifty barriers had been created.

The prodigies standing in the Hundred Saint City all could not help but smile as they watched the barriers rapidly appear in the air. Now, their tense minds had finally eased up.

“How bold of you! You’ve killed so many of my clansmen! You cannot be forgiven…”

At this moment, a cold snort suddenly rang out. The voice was frigid and filled with killing intent and tremendous fury. Just the powerful sound wave had managed to shake up the rapidly-forming barriers, as if they were struck by a powerful attack.

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