Chapter 2858: Temporal Acceleration

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Chapter 2858: Temporal Acceleration

Gazing at the evolving Fruit of Nurturing Ways, Jian Chen’s emotions stirred excitedly. He seemed to be able to see his breakthrough with the Way of the Sword.

The formations in the medicinal garden are not only for protective purposes. They also have a surveillance function. From the moment I attacked the formation, the upper echelon of the Darkstar race has known my position. They’re rushing over as quickly as they can.

There’s not a lot of time left for me. As a matter of fact, it’s extremely tight. I can’t waste even a moment. I hope the Fruit of Nurturing Ways can evolve a little faster,” Jian Chen thought. He waved his hand, and three white pieces of jade flew out of his Space Ring, hovering around the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

These pieces of jade were the ones containing the Laws of Time Jian Chen had obtained from the Heavenly Lightning clan. As the Laws of Time in the pieces of jade came into effect, the small region of space immediately blurred. The flow of time increased abruptly.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways that originally evolved slowly now evolved much faster due to the influence from the acceleration of time.

With that, the energy in the medicinal garden immediately decreased rapidly, forming a great vortex of energy that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways absorbed.

The fraction of pure energy that had scattered into the surroundings due to losing the restraint of the formations immediately swept back, turning into a storm of energy as it plunged into the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

Currently, the rate at which the Fruit of Nurturing Ways absorbed energy could be described as incomparably terrifying.

That was because the flow of time in the region of space the Fruit of Nurturing Ways occupied had already sped up. Naturally, the rate at which the fruit absorbed energy also multiplied by a similar amount.

The divine crystals stored in the medicinal garden depleted at an unprecedented rate. The several hundred million supreme grade divine crystals that Jian Chen recently replenished were already close to running out after such a short time.

Jian Chen had anticipated all of this. Even though he had already used up a portion of the several hundred billion supreme grade divine crystals the Hundred Saint City had offered up to him, he still had plenty remaining.

Jian Chen moved through each region of the medicinal garden. Whenever he waved his hand, he would toss out several hundred million divine crystals as replenishment, but this time, he did not only replenish the divine crystals for the regions that belonged to the fifth, sixth, and seventh divine halls he was responsible for. He also filled the regions belonging to the seven other divine halls to the brim.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways required far too much energy when evolving. If the central region was unable to provide enough energy, then it could drain energy from the surrounding ten regions of the medicinal garden.

As a result, in order to ensure the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had sufficient energy to evolve, all Jian Chen could do was handle the supply of energy for the entire medicinal garden alone.

Three temporal crystals are far too slow. With the Darkstar Emperor’s strength, it won’t take him too long even if he flies over here from the capital city. According to the current rate at which the fruit evolves, it’ll probably be very difficult for it to complete its evolution before the Darkstar Emperor arrives. Will using a few more temporal crystals increase the flow of time?” Jian Chen sank into his thoughts as he stared at the temporal crystals around the Fruit of Nurturing Ways. Afterwards, he did exactly what he was thinking, immediately tossing out another three temporal crystals.

The six temporal crystals unleashed their Laws of Time together while Jian Chen observed from the outskirts. Even though he was unable to accurately determine how many times faster time had become, there was a visible increase.

The time has sped up by around fifty percent, and when six temporal crystals are used, the rate at which their Laws of Time are depleted has lessened too.” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up slightly, immediately tossing in another three temporal crystals. As such, a total of nine temporal crystals now surrounded the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

The nine temporal crystals gave off the power of the Laws of Time together and distorted space. As a result, the flow of time in the region of space where the Fruit of Nurturing Ways resided proceeded at a shocking rate as if a millennium passed with each moment.

Nine temporal crystals are only twenty percent faster than six. The temporal acceleration seems to have reached a limit too. Even if I add more temporal crystals, the flow of time won’t increase. It’ll only last longer.” Jian Chen frowned slightly and felt a hint of urgency. If the Fruit of Nurturing Ways could not complete its evolution before the Darkstar Emperor had arrived, many more variables would definitely come into play.

He had the Laws of Space and the Chaotic Body. Even if he could not defeat the Darkstar Emperor, he could simply leave. However, the issue was if the Darkstar Emperor embraced a scorched earth policy, where he would refuse to let anyone obtain what he could not, going as far as destroying the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

If an expert with the battle prowess of a Chaotic Prime was determined to destroy the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, Jian Chen truly was unable to stop them with his current level of strength.

Afterwards, Jian Chen constantly moved between the various regions of the medicinal garden, replenishing divine crystals for the entire place and maintaining the supply of energy. The tremendous amount of divine crystals he had received from the Hundred Saint City depleted rapidly.

He had already used up eighteen temporal crystals from the Heavenly Lightning clan, with only twelve remaining.

Almost an hour later, what Jian Chen had worried about finally ended up happening. The Darkstar Emperor had arrived in the region of the medicinal garden before the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had ripened. Even from very far away, the Darkstar Emperor’s presence, filled with raging anger and killing intent, reached over from the distant horizon.

By now, all the God Tier heavenly resources the Darkstar race had planted in the medicinal garden apart from the evolving Fruit of Nurturing Ways had ended up in Jian Chen’s Space Ring. All that was left were a few heavenly resources that were not worth much and had yet to fully ripen. Jian Chen could not be bothered with picking them, allowing them to continue growing in the medicinal garden.

He has still made it here in the end. The Fruit of Nurturing Ways’ evolution is getting faster and faster. I have to stop the Darkstar Emperor,” sensing the Darkstar Emperor’s presence, Jian Chen let out a sigh inside. With a wave of his hand, several tens of million divine crystals landed in the medicinal garden, turning the surroundings of the fruit into a small mountain.

Afterwards, he took out the remaining twelve temporal crystals from his Space Ring. He suddenly vanished, having left this place with the Laws of Space already.

Tens of million kilometers away from the medicinal garden, the Darkstar Emperor’s face was pale with anger as his presence surged violently, rapidly approaching the medicinal garden with lightning speed. The ten hall masters and vice hall masters had fallen severely behind due to being unable to keep up with the Darkstar Emperor’s speed.

But at this moment, a colossal strand of sword Qi appeared above the Darkstar Emperor’s head extremely suddenly. As if it had merged with space, it completely ignored all spatial distances and stabbed right at the Darkstar Emperor.

The Darkstar Emperor let out a furious bellow and gushing energy erupted in his body, forming a thick barrier instantly. When the sword Qi struck the protective barrier, it immediately slowed down.

The Darkstar Emperor directly ignored the strand of sword Qi. He clenched his right hand into a fist and threw a punch upwards.


The Darkstar Emperor’s punch penetrated even space itself. The entire region of space pulsed violently. As black cracks spread rapidly, Jian Chen, who had been hiding in space, was forced out.

As soon as he saw Jian Chen, the Darkstar Emperor’s eyes shone with raging killing intent. He said nothing at all, throwing another punch at Jian Chen. At the same time, the seal flew out from his body, swelling to the size of a mountain in the air. The vast energy and pressure formed a restraining force, interfering with the space there.

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