Chapter 1011 – A Punch, a Thought

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Chapter 1011 – A Punch, a Thought

The One Lamp monk arrived outside the Demon Suppression hall and brought his palms together. “Greetings, abbot!”

“You’ve come out. Very good.” The Dauntless monk did not say anything more than that, staring at the sight on the ninth floor.

The One Lamp monk followed the Dauntless monk’s gaze, only to see Li Qingshan and the Unraging monk poised for battle in the Demon Suppression hall.

“Abbot, junior brother Qingshan…”

“He’s already fallen into the demonic path,” said the Dauntless monk.

“But I feel like junior brother Qingshan is mentally sound. He doesn’t seem to have fallen into the demonic path. Perhaps something just happened to his cultivation method,” said the One Lamp monk.

“I know you owe him, but do not confuse your personal favours with the greater good! Demonfolk defile the buddha and the dharma. They’re a great enemy of buddhism. There can never be any compromise,” the Dauntless monk said sternly.

“But he hasn’t even committed any wrong-doing!” The One Lamp monk argued.

“Is turning his back on his master not wrong-doing?” The Dauntless monk pointed at the scene.

The One Lamp monk became speechless. Regardless of the sect, drawing weapons against their master was a colossal sin, no matter how many reasons they had.

He sighed inside, Qingshan, you really shouldn’t have done this! If the Unraging master misunderstood you, you should have knelt down and explained it clearly to him. Won’t this make it so you have no chance at reconciliation anymore?

“Damned disciple, are you really going to fight your master?” the Unraging monk bellowed.

“You’re the one who wants to fight me!” Li Qingshan found this to be extremely troublesome. He did not want to fight the Unraging monk at all, but making him admit his mistakes and submit was absolutely impossible.

“Alright, you really have become fully-fledged and developed thoughts of your own. Let’s see what you’re capable of then!”

The unraging guardian king took a step forward and raised his crescent monk’s spade high in air, twirling it around and swinging it down over the battle demon’s head with a fierce gust of wind.

Clang! With a clashing of metal, a wave of air surged out.

The battle demon raised its blade to block the monk’s spade. It was colossal, but before the unraging guardian king, it was like a child to an adult.

“Oi, you’re actually serious!”

All Li Qingshan saw was the Unraging monk’s robes fluttering around several dozen meters away with a peaceful expression. It was as if all of his killing intent and demonic nature had merged with the unraging guardian king. The huge spade that resembled a dam pressed down slowly, grinding against the edge of the blade violently and producing an ear-splitting rumble.

The demon qi surging around the battle demon constantly dispersed, and the bone spikes began to shrink back as well. Its body showed signs of shrinking too. The Unraging monk’s attack possessed the power of demon suppression, so it was extremely effective against all demonfolk. It was even more effective against battle demons.

The Unraging monk said, “If you ask for forgiveness and admit your crimes now, I can still give you the opportunity to change. However, if you continue to cling onto your mistakes, then all I can do is cripple your entire cultivation!”

“What crimes have I committed?” Li Qingshan became infuriated as well. He never expected the Unraging monk to be so vicious. His demon heart shone brightly, and the bone spikes protruded from the battle demon’s body. The huge blade stopped the crescent monk’s spade.

“You released the Soaring Locust King,” said the Unraging monk.

“Bullshit!” Li Qingshan was completely infuriated now. With a violent swing of his hands, the huge blade deflected the monk’s spade and swung towards the Unraging monk.

“Damned disciple, the stronger your demonic nature is, the greater the suppression you face. Considering that we’ve been master and disciple, I won’t take your life. You can just stay here and reflect on your actions in the Soaring Locust King’s place!” the Unraging monk said.

The monk’s spade twirled around in the unraging guardian king’s hand, knocking away the huge blade with ease and sending the battle demon flying in the process.

Li Qingshan’s heart sank. The Soaring Locust King had been imprisoned in the Demon Suppression hall for thousands of years. He did not believe he could break out of here easily. The Unraging monk had become completely unreasonable now, actually wanting him to replace the Soaring Locust King for punishment, which left him laughing out of anger. “Stay here? How kind of you!”

“You don’t have to say anything more!” The unraging guardian king tailed closely and relentlessly, producing a violent storm from his swings of the monk’s spade.

“Bald ass!” Li Qingshan swung his blade again to receive him. The battle demon war banners buffeted in the wind!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The weapons clashed countless times like claps of thunder, forcing Li Qingshan into a retreat. Even when he pushed his bladesmanship to the limit, he could only hold on barely. He was forced back all the way to the edge of the ninth floor, with no more room for retreat. The huge blade in the battle demon’s hand collapsed loudly.


The monk’s spade pressed against the battle demon’s throat, pressing it against the hall.

I still haven’t completely deduced the Battle Demon Statuary. The suppression I face is far too great. Coupled with the drastic difference in our cultivation, I can’t win at all unless I use the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine!

However, once he used his daemon abilities, then there really would be no more room for compromise. Even if he could defeat the Unraging monk, the Unraging monk only needed to retreat from the ninth floor, and he could still keep him imprisoned here. As a result, if he wanted to break free from here, he had to kill the Unraging monk, the watcher of the Demon Suppression hall, and then kill his way out of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga!

“Demon suppression!”

With a swing of his hand, the Chains of Demon Suppression flew out. Li Qingshan did not dodge, just staring straight at the Unraging monk as he allowed the chains to shackle him. His demon qi was suppressed. The battle demon let out a reluctant roar before collapsing.

The Unraging monk dispersed the unraging guardian king and arrived before Li Qingshan. “Damned disciple, do you understand your crimes?”

Li Qingshan simply shut his eyes.

“Hmph, then reflect on your actions! Demon suppression!” The Unraging monk snorted coldly and turned around furiously. The Demon Suppression Tower slammed downwards heavily.

“Sigh.” The One Lamp monk exhaled heavily.

The Dauntless monk was rather surprised. He never expected the Unraging monk to be so merciless, which did make him seem like he had returned to being the stringent Raging monk of the past. He must have been infuriated by Li Qingshan’s rudeness!

Suddenly, the Chains of Demon Suppression shattered, and a hand caught the Demon Suppression Tower. Li Qingshan snapped open his eyes and surged with murderousness, punching towards the Unraging monk like a tiger. He formed a fist with his right hand and hurled it out at full strength!

“You’ve gone too far!”

He was so close to him, and the Unraging monk was completely unprepared. Li Qingshan could basically visualise punching in his round head already.

“Junior brother!”

The Dauntless monk was alarmed by this sudden turn of events as well, but he was in no shape to provide any assistance. The Demon Suppression hall had its own set of rules. Even if the Unraging monk wanted to reach the ninth floor, he had to make his way down floor by floor.

Boom! The Demon Suppression hall shook violently. Even those on Great Buddha mountain could feel it.

The dust dispersed. Li Qingshan knelt on one knee with his right fist in the ground, in the centre of a great crater. There was a Demon Suppression statue tattooed on his wide back, but at a closer glance, it turned out to be a violent battle demon!

The Unraging monk stood on the edge of the huge crater. The left half of his face was slightly red. In the final moments earlier, Li Qingshan had shifted his punch and brushed past his face, slamming the ground instead.

“You can go!” Li Qingshan said without looking back, “Your Demon Suppression hall can’t keep me imprisoned!”

The Unraging monk touched his cheek and suddenly smiled. “Damned brat, so this is your true strength! What terrifying strength. If you had landed it, probably no one could withstand it!” No one understood the toughness of the Demon Suppression hall better than him. The power behind this punch was enough to collapse an entire mountain outside.

Li Qingshan looked back in surprise, only to see the Unraging monk with his palms together, speaking solemnly, “Senior brother, I do think this child practises a demonic art, but his will is firm, and he has a clear distinction between what is good and bad. He cannot be treated like a regular Demon King!”

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