Chapter 318 – Plagiarising a Novel

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Chapter 318 – Plagiarising a Novel

“That’s north!” Ru Xin pointed her thumb backwards.

Li Qingshan could not be bothered with dealing with her. “Just how much are you selling the Water of Recollection for?”

“Hah. I originally refined it for fun, but I never thought I’d actually be able to sell it.” Ru Xin’s smile vanished, and she extended her hand. “A hundred spiritual stones for a bottle. Thank you for your patronage!”

Li Qingshan ground his teeth. “Weren’t you joking earlier?”

Ru Xin said, “And who’s fault is it that you didn’t laugh? This must be very important to you, right?”

“I’m being serious here. Stop messing with me.”

Li Qingshan grabbed her hand. The Water of Recollection was extremely important to him, and it was not just for writing novels. It was for Xiao An too.

“One spiritual stone, two spiritual stones, three spiritual stones…”

“What are you doing?”

“Calculating your fee!” Ru Xin glanced at the hand he held.

Li Qingshan shook away her hand immediately.

Ru Xin smiled. “Forget it, forget it. Doctors treat their patients with the same selflessness as parents to their children. Seeing how anxious you’ve become, I can’t bring myself to charge you. I’ll just give you this bottle of Water of Recollection.”

Li Qingshan asked, “Since when were you so nice?”

Ru Xin said, “Though, promise me one thing.”

Li Qingshan said, “What thing?”

Ru Xin whispered, “When you fight the disciples of the school of the Military again, be more heavy-handed with them. It’s best if you beat them until they’re half-dead!”

“So much for treating your patients with the same selflessness as parents to their children!”

“Children won’t listen unless they’re disciplined.”

“Fine. I’ll be going then.” Li QIngshan casually agreed to it. He accepted the Water of Recollection and stowed it away in his hundred treasures pouch. He was in a hurry to rush back and experiment with it.

“Hold on, three spiritual stones.”

“What three spiritual stones? Didn’t you give it…” As Li Qingshan said that, he saw Ru Xin extend her hand over with a smile. You’re actually charging me!?

“Fine then. Let’s do a hundred spiritual stones then.” Li Qingshan grabbed Ru Xin’s hand and stared straight into her eyes.

“Four spiritual stones, five spiritual stones…” Ru Xin was unperturbed. She began to count.

However, this was not a particularly quiet place. Instead, it was a dispensary where people came and went. Many disciples of the academy came here to buy medicine. When Li Qingshan grabbed Ru Xin’s hand earlier, he had already attracted some attention.

Ru Xin was a great beauty renowned throughout the academy for quite some time now, while Li Qingshan was a prominent figure at the peak of his prominence.

The two of them were both primary disciples too. They held hands and stared at each other in broad daylight, causing everyone to look over and whisper among themselves in discussion.

“Oi, oi, look.”

“Does Li Qingshan have that kind of relationship with senior sister Ru Xin? How courageous of him!”

“Thirty-three, thirty-four…” Ru Xin maintained her smile. She snorted. “You’re actually serious?”

“I think I can afford a hundred spiritual stones.” Li Qingshan wanted to teach a lesson to this improper woman.

“Then let’s go for it. Are spiritual stones really that easy to make?” As Ru Xin snorted; her face blushed slightly, but who knew whether it was from embarrassment or anger.

“Li Qingshan, what are you doing!?”

Two furious bellows rang out from outside the dispensary simultaneously.

One of them was Chu Tian, radiating with five-coloured true qi, while the other person was actually Han Qiongzhi. They both glared at Li Qingshan furiously.

Chu Tian had looked over along Qian Rongzhi’s gaze, and he immediately spotted Li Qingshan. He blazed with hatred when he saw his enemy, and when he saw how he was with Ru Xin, he could not help but follow them over. From the moment he had arrived at the school of Medicine and spotted Ru Xin for the first time, he had begun treating her as his woman.

He saw Li Qingshan holding Ru Xin’s hand the moment he arrived, and Ru Xin actually seemed like she allowed him to too. He immediately felt like he had been betrayed. He was utterly furious, tempted to lash out and kill Li Qingshan with a palm strike.

As for Han Qiongzhi, she heard that Li Qingshan had woken up, so she wanted to come take a look at him. Unfortunately, this visit utterly enraged her. Hua Chengzan stood with his arms crossed with a smile as he stood to her side. This kid sure has some bearing. He seems to be able to get all the ones I can’t get. He could not help but think of Gu Yanying. He shook his head. Impossible.

Li Qingshan was slightly surprised, and Ru Xin took advantage of this to pull her hand back. She said resentfully, “Thirty-five spiritual stones.”

“I’ll pay once I get the remaining portion of the goods.”

Li Qingshan waved his hand. He did not even look at Chu Tian, directly making his way over to Hua Chengzan. “Chengzan, what brought you here? Senior sister Han, long time no see. Why are you glaring at me?”

“Fuck your grandfather!”

Through the use of true qi, the voice clearly rang out in Li Qingshan’s ears. Li Qingshan felt like he had been struck by lightning, as the voice came from neither Han Qiongzhi or Chu Tian. It came from Ru Xin.

He turned around and stared at Ru Xin in disbelief. “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Ru Xin maintained her gentle smile, standing there elegantly in her white clothes. She seemed like a legendary angel in white.

Han Qiongzhi said, “Li Qingshan, I’m talking to you! I’ve specially come to see you!”

“Oh, thank you. I’m mostly fine. I have some matters I need to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave first. When I have some spare time, I’ll invite you two to lunch or dinner.” The only thing on Li Qingshan’s mind about right now was the Water of Recollection. All he wanted to do was go back and experiment with it.

Han Qiongzhi said, “Oi, you…”

Li Qingshan had already flown off on a cloud. His distant voice rang out, “Oh right. Chu Tian, I wish you a speedy recovery.”

Chu Tian’s face darkened as he held back his urge to attack him. The hundred or so strands of sword qi had caused extremely severe damage in his body. Even after all these days, he had yet to completely adjust to the damage.

He trotted over to Ru Xin and asked in concern, “Senior sister Ru Xin, are you fine?”

“Junior brother Chu, you should be fine now, right? It’s all thanks to the care and concern from the three beauties. Hmm? Where are the other two?”

Chu Tian said proudly, “They’ve both entered secluded cultivation for me!”

Ever since Li Qingshan emerged from secluded cultivation and defeated the genius Chu Tian, it set a trend of secluded cultivation. Everyone wanted to rise up out of nowhere like Li Qingshan.

Ru Xin was rather surprised. She glanced at Qian Rongzhi. “This must be junior sister Qian’s idea, right? It must be tough on you.”

After a few months of secluded cultivation, they would probably emerge only to find that everyone had changed, and their man had been stolen too! Oh right, the two idiotic girls did not seem to mind sharing their man with others, but they could not rely on others being as stupid as them!

“It’s all their own idea. They all feel powerless. They whole-heartedly want to help little Tian. I was extremely touched when I heard about it too. I agreed to help them take care of little Tian for a few days. Please don’t misunderstand, senior sister. We’re just friends.” Qian Rongzhi smiled. Separating those two dimwits from Chu Tian had not taken her a lot of effort.

“I’ve given them a lot of pills. Their cultivation will definitely improve tremendously this time. As my women, Chu Tian’s women, they won’t suffer.” As Chu Tian said that, he looked at Ru Xin in a hinting manner.

Qian Rongzhi smiled. “Senior sister Ru Xin, little Tian truly is a good man worth entrusting your entire life to.”

“Haha, yeah, yeah!” Ru Xin felt slightly disgusted. There were freaks every year, but more than usual this year! Originally, she wanted to warn him a little, but men like him were utterly stupid. There would be no pity at all if he died.

A good man? Heh, then let the bad girl teach you a lesson!

Qian Rongzhi stopped worrying. Alright, this woman won’t be causing any trouble for now. Only if all the men in the world were as “good” as Chu Tian.

“I want to write novels!” Li Qingshan rushed through the door and said confidently as soon as he returned to Cloudwisp island.

Under Liu Chuanfeng’s surprised gaze, Li Qingshan returned to his room alone. He took out the bottle of Water of Recollection and placed it on the table.

The bottle stood around three inches tall and was filled to the brim with thick, azure fluid, like liquid memories.

Li Qingshan directly picked it up and took a small sip.

The rather bitter taste spread out from the tip of his tongue. He closed his eyes in a hurry and thought hard, wanting to recall his forgotten memories.

Actually, everyone was capable of remembering every single detail that they saw and heard. However, these useless pieces of information would gradually sink into the depths of their minds. The Water of Recollection basically presented these dust-clad memories before him clearly once more, including every scene, every voice, and every emotion.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and began to write swiftly. The familiar story reappeared in his hands.

Liu Chuanfeng was in a daze at the entrance of the room. He had no idea what this dear disciple of his was, but he was afraid of interrupting him, so he backed away quietly.

Li Qingshan wrote faster and faster as his right hand gradually turned into a blur. He felt like the ink in the inkstone had run out before he had even written much. He directly ground and filled up a small pot beside him with ink.

The sky was about to darken, and a novel composed of a thick stack of paper covered in illegible handwriting stood on the table. The high quality weasel hair brush in his hand had almost been worn away completely now.

At this moment, the words in his head gradually blurred. The effects of the Water of Recollection were gradually fading away.

Li Qingshan placed down his brush and rubbed his wrist. That’s all for today!

“You wrote all of this!” Having run out of patience a long time ago, Liu Chuanfeng rushed in and reached towards the thick stack of paper on the table.

Smack! Li Qingshan swatted his hand aside. “Don’t touch, I’m not done yet!” As he said that, even he himself felt proud, as proud as when he swept aside the eight hundred disciples of the school of the Military. Although it was all plagiarised, that was just an insignificant detail. Even with his two lives combined, he had never written so many words before!

Liu Chuanfeng said, “Now that’s rare of you. Can you really write something good by writing like this?”

“What I’ve written are things regular people would all love to see and hear. I guarantee you it’ll be even more warmly received than your overly-advanced stuff.” Li Qingshan seemed to have already witnessed a successful path as a novelist unfold right before him.

As long as he had the Water of Recollection, he could take this path smoothly and easily, at no cost to him yet also deriving infinite benefit.

Although the power scaling of wuxia novels was a little low, he never planned on using it for battle anyway. No matter how powerful the characters he created were, no matter how much power of belief he had, he would be restricted by the Divine Talisman of Great Creation as a Qi Practitioner, so the power of what he could summon would be limited too. At most, they would be around the seventh or eighth layer.

To regular Qi Practitioners, being able to summon four or five helpers around the same cultivation was already a very impressive achievement, but with Li Qingshan’s strength, assistance like that was almost nothing. It would just be a waste of his power of belief instead.

The power of belief was an important resource. It could turn fiction into reality through the Divine Talisman of Great Creation. Right now, his Divine Talisman of Great Creation was still in its initial stage. As long as he constantly strengthened it, its effects would not be limited to just a few novels.

At this moment, Xiao An walked in from outside. She saw Li Qingshan and let out an innocent smile.

Li Qingshan entered a daze. A question he had never pondered carefully, nor was he bold enough to ponder carefully, entered his mind. Could the Water of Recollection help Xiao An recover her memories?

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  1. Well he already thought about Xiao An when that potion was mentioned. Its just that now he’s not sure if it will work. And maybe it won’t as to make the story longer.


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