Chapter 492 – To Kill or Not to Kill

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Chapter 492 – To Kill or Not to Kill

Below Cobweb city, passing through the rock and soil to a depth of over around three thousand meters, a cavern.

The cavern had not been naturally formed. There were no craggy stalactites or stalagmites, only shattered rocks scattered about.

Within the loose rock pile was an azure sphere composed of countless hexagons.

The sphere was half-transparent, but it was hazy. As a result, it was impossible to make out what was going on inside as if a layer of mist had condensed on the inner layer.

There was a great thunk, and a hand pressed against the sphere. It was a woman’s hand. Her fingers were slender, and her palm was very small. It was extremely beautiful.

However, the strength it unleashed was not small at all. There were a series of cracks like ice breaking apart, and the azure sphere became covered in fractures.

It was possible to imagine that she could probably shatter the sphere with only a few more strikes.

The mist dispersed slightly, making it possible to vaguely make out a woman’s face. Probably any man who saw her would be left dumbfounded, sighing over her beauty. She had a mature, mesmerising face, possessing an extra hint of bewitching charm compared to pure maidens.

Although her face was filled with shame and anger, an aloof sense of pride was still clearly visible as if it had become part of her bearing, making her seem like a queen. It would have been impossible for her to develop this bearing unless she held great status and authority, but it only aroused a desire to conquer within men.

Her long, dark hair was a mess, but it was still possible to imagine how noble it seemed when styled.

Her cherry lips were frozen in a cold angle, definitely used for all the orders she issued regularly. But at this moment, they constantly opened and closed, exhaling white mists as if she was cursing but also as if she was moaning.

However, due to the sphere, not a single sound leaked out.

Looking deeper into the sphere, it only became even more blurry. A snow-white figure seemed to be wrapped in silk, laying in an extremely inelegant pose on the ground. Her body shook uncontrollably as the two snow-white mounds trembled violently. Below were two specks of brightly-coloured red, like two red cherries in a snowy landscape, shaking back and forth with the mounds.

It was enough for someone to fantasize various beautiful thoughts.


There was another sound. She used all the strength in her to deal a second palm strike while gritting her teeth, and the cracks became even larger and denser. As it seemed, she probably did not need many more strikes, just one more, to shatter the sphere and break out.

Suddenly, a pair of hands reached over from behind her hazy figure, grabbing her slender waist and dragging her away. She waved her hands around in vain, putting up a struggle but unable to rival the strength.

In the blink of an eye, the cracks on the sphere vanished, and the cavern fell silent again.

After who knew how long, the azure sphere suddenly vanished. A great cloud of white mist dispersed, and it became vaguely possible to make out a standing man inside. His scarlet hair drifted about like fire.

The mist dispersed completely, and Li Qingshan yawned and stretched, taking in a deep breath of the refreshing spiritual qi of the world. His thoughts were extremely clear as his heart felt exceedingly satisfied. If it were not for the insufficient spiritual qi, perhaps he would have broken through a few dozen cultivation realms already, enough to climb to the Nine Heavens.

Though, the sensation earlier felt like he had already paid a trip to beyond the Nine Heavens. He looked at the ground again.

Hmph, you want to eat me? I’ll let you feast to your heart’s content!

The Spider Queen lay on the ground with her eyes shut as if she had fallen unconscious. Her snow-white body was dripping with sweat, all traces from some fun in bed.

Although she put up a very fierce struggle in the beginning, Li Qingshan served her in plenty of ways that she loved such that she no longer had the strength to resist anymore towards the end, allowing him to do what he wanted. She had even been extremely cooperative. She no longer tried to bite him with her venomous fangs as they embraced once another either.

Naturally, they never took any safe measures either. Of course, Li Qingshan had to admit that this was his favourite. Though, he was uncertain whether she was actually submerged in pleasure, or she still thought, Since I can’t put up a struggle, I’ll just enjoy it! Or perhaps it was a combination of the two.

“Oi, mother of my child, stop playing dead. If you keep playing dead, I’ll actually kill you.”

Li Qingshan crouched down and patted the Spider Queen’s cheek. He obviously would not be fooled by this act, as in the moment he released the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, the surging spiritual qi of the world immediately began to gather towards her.

Originally, it was only an empty threat, but now that he mentioned it, he could not help but think of something, Do I kill her or not?

Right now, Lolth was in her weakest state, so it was the perfect opportunity to kill her. Once she fully recovered, it would be difficult to tell who would be killing who.

Li Qingshan’s current strength was basically equivalent to having a foot planted in the Daemon Commander realm. He could annihilate almost anyone or anything that had not undergone the second heavenly tribulation. Right now, even if all the Foundation Establishment cultivators and Daemon Generals of the Clear River prefecture gathered together, he could still deal with them with composure. And, even if he encountered Daemon Commanders and Golden Core cultivators that had undergone two heavenly tribulations, staying alive was no longer an issue.

However, defeating them would be virtually impossible. The reason why Li Qingshan had managed to win this time was because he was rather lucky. Spider Queen Lolth had been too careless. Her vicious nature could be described as the very reason for her failure.

If it were not for the fact that she wanted to capture Li Qingshan alive, derive pleasure from torturing him and then have a raw feast, she would have never ended up in such a situation. Not to mention that there was a deeper reason behind all this. After becoming a Daemon Commander, it had already been many years since she last fought someone to the death.

Even the skills of a natural hunter would rust and regress if they never met an equivalent opponent, preventing them from unleashing their full strength. On the other hand, Li Qingshan had never stopped fighting since he first picked up a blade and killed someone.

In terms of actual strength, the disparity between Li Qingshan and the Spider Queen was anything but small. As a carapaced daemon, she was not weak even among Daemon Commanders.

Li Qingshan checked his Divine Talisman of Great Creation. He had directly used up thirty percent of the power of belief he had accumulated throughout the years, all used to replenish his daemon qi. Although he possessed the extraordinary cultivation method, the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, such that the quality of his daemon qi did not pale too much in comparison to Daemon Commanders, he was nowhere close in terms of quantity. After all, it had only been a few years since he faced the heavenly tribulation. Even though he had consumed many pills, the foundation he accumulated over time was still extremely shallow.

It would be too much for him to bear with if he fought against her two more times, or even just one more time. If it were not for the Divine Talisman of Great Creation that could replenish his daemon qi, did he have any chances at victory at all? Even if he somehow managed to defeat her, he would struggle to keep her subdued like this.

Lolth would never be stupid enough to wait until her daemon qi ran out again. If a Daemon Commander wanted to flee, how could he stop her as a mere Daemon General? Only endless revenge would await him.

He was not deluded enough to think he would be able to get along peacefully with the Spider Queen in the future unless a certain hidden interest of hers had been revealed, where she liked to submerge herself in the delight of being conquered… wait, this isn’t fucking smut!

This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

“If you want to kill me, then I’ll blow up my daemon core and take you down with me!”

Lolth suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Li Qingshan. To his surprise, there was no longer any hatred or resentment, only suffocating coldness and stillness.

Her voice was feeble, even slightly hoarse, but Li Qingshan instead became afraid to dismiss this threat of hers. He felt extremely surprised inside. He discovered that she had become slightly different from the Spider Queen Lolth in his memory.

Actually, Lolth was not playing dead. She was not naive enough to think she could fool Li Qingshan like this. Instead, she was tasting the lingering feeling of what she had just gone through, tidying her thoughts.

This entire matter had obviously utterly disgraced her, but she did not find disgrace in the matter itself. She had no concept of being defiled. It had nothing to do with love. Reproducing was the most ordinary matter in the natural world.

She felt disgraced because someone weaker than her had conquered her. If Li Qingshan were a Daemon King, she would not put on any resistance at all, as in the natural world, the strong obviously had the right to choose their partner.

The issue was that Li Qingshan was merely a Daemon General and her subordinate at that. He had gone against her and insulted her despite being nowhere near as powerful as her. Naturally, she was furious and completely refused to accept this.

Li Qingshan would have never thought that he had actually guessed correctly.

Although it was humiliating, Lolth did indeed experience unprecedented pleasure. The extreme pleasure that came from pain and powerlessness reawakened a certain part in her heart that had become numb from her easy and comfortable life.

She seemed to have returned to the past when she was still a spider. Hunger and danger were everywhere, and she had to abuse and slaughter every single day, or she would be abused and slaughtered by cruel nature instead.

The heavy darkness was no longer filled with emptiness and boredom. She had found the meaning of cultivation once more.

If Li Qingshan found out about how great of a significance his actions were to her, he would definitely be filled with complacence. Perhaps he really might hope he could conquer the proud Spider Queen.

Unfortunately, he had guessed the start incorrectly, but he was right with the end result.

Lolth was prepared to carry out a hunt, not for revenge, but to carry through with the instincts nature had endowed her with.

“How can I bring myself to? You’re the mother of my child!”

Li Qingshan let out a toothy grin as if he was backing down and afraid she would actually do that.

As a daemon who had spent her life fighting for survival the moment she was born, her will to survive was deeply embedded in her instincts. This was why even if she voiced a threat again during intercourse earlier, he did not take her seriously. However, once her life was being threatened, he would never underestimate her resolve.

A Daemon Commander blowing up their daemon core was not something to joke around about.

This was still due to the fact that Li Qingshan’s strength was insufficient. If he were a Daemon Commander too, he would have great confidence in staying alive, and Lolth would not be able to threaten him like this. As a result, forcing her to submit in order to survive would not necessarily be impossible.

However, the killing intent in Li Qingshan’s heart instead intensified. His hand slid down her face, grabbing her by her beautiful neck that was as slender as a swan’s.

I think she’ll turn into quite the trouble. Killing her before she blows up her daemon core is probably impossible, but if I use up the remaining seventy percent of my power of belief, I should have a chance at surviving considering the toughness of my body.

As if a thick layer of dust had been wiped away, the Spider Queen became extremely sensitive to danger. Her body immediately tensed up, and the daemon core in her body was on the verge of exploding.

This was an icy stalemate that appeared every day in the natural world. When a lion hunted a buffalo, it also had to worry about whether the buffalo’s horns would kill it.

Should I feign submission for now? No, once I show any weakness, it’ll only consolidate his determination.

The natural world was filled with disguises and bluffs, but there was no such thing as feigning respect and sincerity. The weak would definitely be destroyed.

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